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Brilliantly Shot, Heavily criticized., 25 November 2002

Did everyone expect too much from this film? The imagination and vision of Stanley Kubrick under the direction of Steven Spielberg, must have caused some to expect a masterpiece, a film that would surpass Blade Runner and set standards for which future science fiction films will be measured.

I watched this movie with no expectations, barley knowing what the plot was and thought it was great. I'm generally not a Spielberg fan, so mabye I wasn't expecting as much as some were, but this is one of his best films to date. Every shot is important, expressing the story or mood of the characters to create an atmosphere which helps to carry the plot and is so often left out by other directors. Not much to say about the acting except that it isn't with Haley Joel Osment pulling off the role thanks mostly to Jude Law and Francis O'Connor's supporting roles. However I think that more characters could have given the film greater depth and added that something extra which it seemed to be missing at times. Reading a lot of other reviews of this film I saw some people thought there were gaps in the plot. I wouldn't agree with this. The actualy storyline never confused me, in fact it seemed to guide me through the film. Every aspect of the film wasn't fully explored however it never is in a film that is relaying mostly on imagery, for a flawless plot you have to look at films that are structured around the plot i.e. The Godfather. This film was written with imagery in mind and needed an incredibly strong story to measure up to the images we see throughout the film, especially Rouge City, which seems to take the ideas of Ridley Scott to a new level, although the influence is clearly visible. In conclusion, the film may not be as good as some expected, but if it's watched for the imagery and imagination shown I think that most will be suprised and entertained for it's duration.

Spider-Man (2002)
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It's either strictly a kids film, or just a bad film, 28 July 2002

Mabye kids like this film. But the simple fact is that it just doesn't measure up to the hype it's got, or the range of other great films coming out/out this summer. The visual effects are good but director Sam Raimi used them to carry the movie and ,as we all know from AI, that just doesn't work. The acting could have been much worse, the best comming from Willem Dafoe, he had a difficult role to play but managed to stop it becoming to corney and instantly forgettable (unlike that stupid green costume he had to wear). Toby Maguire and Kirstin Dunst could, and should have been much better, with Maguire seemingly unable to carry the movie by himself as all leading actors should do, and throughout the film he didn't really seem to always be in character and this let him and the film down. But something that should have been so much better was the cinamatography which should have been short sharp shots during the fight scenes, to really capture the action. Instead we had a steady-cam sat at a distance just like the audience and at a time when they need to be surrounded by action it just didn't happen. In conclusion, don't make a second one unless it's going to be better and if it's going to be an action movie, put more action in it, if it's going to be a romantic film, have more romance in it e.t.c

Oh and it was way too long!

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A Tribute to the Rat Pack from Robbie, 9 December 2001

Robbie Williams said he grew up listening to this music and it has always been his dream to perform, and what better place to perform these songs then in the Albert Hall. This is a great tribute to the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin) and Robbie shows us is amazing voice along with a style of music which hasn't been seen from him before. I definetly recommend this to anyone (you can buy it on DVD or VHS) even if your not a Sinatra fan, you'll still love it 10/10

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Evans At His Best!, 9 July 2001

This is typical Lee Evans, he is definitely one of the funniest comedians around but surprisingly not many people have heard of him. If you want to see what Lee Evans is really like doing stand-up comedy then buy this video, I couldn't stop laughing all the way through, a definite thumbs up and a must see for anyone with a sense of humor!

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Suprisingly Funny, 1 April 2001

The first time i saw this film it was on a reject channel at about 3 in the morning and i don't know why. This movie is probably one of the funniest movies i have ever seen and i had to try and stop myself form laughting towards the end because my stomach hurt. I still carn't belive that it has never been shown again on British T.V but i live in hope, :). As for anyone thniking of buying/renting this movie i would say only watch it if you have sense of humor and haven't been locked away in prision or somewhere for the last few years or else u won't get many of the jokes as it's storyline is basically to spoof all movies, but still a must see!

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Absolutely Excellent, 19 March 2001

This film reall is a work of genius. Everything is good form the camera work to the make-up (which really was something else for a film as old as it is). I must admit that i watched the film with some caution since i knew that it had caused some people emotional distress in the past. But I was impressed with everything about it. This film WAS one of the scariest movies around (at it's time), but since then we have seen films such as clockwork orange, silence of the lambs and Hannibal which have almost matched it. Although i'm sure the film was incredibly scary in the atmospheric cinema on a 14 inch T.V it really wasn't that scary. But none the less this is a great film to see and i was particularly impressed with the girls acting in the film. This film was also based on a true story (although it was eggadurated A LOT) in the 1930's in New York a boy was said to have been possessed by the devil and witnesses said his voice and moods changed dramtically, in this case an Exorcist was called (but the amount of truth in that story is debatable). but bottom line is that this film is a work of genuis and is a must see, and don't be put off by it's reputation.

Gang in Blue (1996) (TV)
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Surprises All Round, 17 March 2001

The first time i watched this film i thought that it wouldn't be very good, but after the first few minutes I was surprised at the quality of acting and powerful scenes that it possessed, and the fact that it was based on real life investigations made it even more moving. I was also impressed with Mario Van Peebels' directing skills and also his acting had seemed to improve from earlier films as this story line was possibly something he had encountered (although,i hope, not as violent). The story line was a bit basic and could have had some extra twists in it (as i am a big fan of them) but despite this the film was a good watch and makes you think of the problem of racism and persecution through the world.

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The funniest movie i've ever seen, nothing beats it!!, 17 March 2001

This film is, without doubt, the funniest film i have ever seen in my life (and i've seen a lot). It's just none stop laughter all the way through, u'll find yourself gasping for breath between jokes. It may be controversial (and from the religious point of view i can see why some people may find it offensive) but it's still one of the best films i've seen. I was very suprised at it's position in the top 250 movies of all time on this site as i would of thought that it would be in the top 20 at least. All i can say is that if u haven't seen this film...What are you waiting for!!!

Hmmmmmm, 15 October 2000

Well what can isay about this film? I have just been to see it at the cinema on it's third day of release (there was about 15 people in the cinema) and i have to say that I'm not impressed. Sure Jet Li is awsome and the fight scenes are great, but there isn't enough for me and it therefore leaves long gaps of bordom. After all let's face it most of us only went to see it for the special effects and the fight schenes and they did not dissapoint me. There is one schene where he is playing American Football and takes out about 4 guys without even touching the floor, and the bit where he seems to walk horizontally about 2 metres in the air, i just had to laugh at that one. The X-Ray shots are good, but personally i say buy it on video, at least that way you can fast forward past the boring bits.

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Why oh why hasn't Mark Dacascos been snapped up by a big hollywood director? he's incredible!!, 4 September 2000

this fil has to be the best 15 martial art film i have ever seen in my life. Mark Dacascos (who i first noticed in the film "drive") is absoultly incredible and has to be one of the best martial artists i have ever seen. The storry starts off with louis stevens (Dacascos) as a green baray in Brazil, and after spending many years there learns the art of Capoeira. He returns to his high school and starts a capoeira class and trains the 12 worst kids in the school the brazilian kung fu so they can protect themselfs against the drug dealers that are tearing the area apart and to give them something to strive for, this film has more flips and kicks than some films that are classed as " martial art" and i throughly enjoyed it. Highly recommend it to all fans of martial arts and check out "drive".

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