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Make way for Mikey!!!, 14 July 2002

After seeing Halloween 8 last night I would have to say it was one of the better sequels and really pretty much what I expected it to be. The portrayal of Myers is more like the original, maybe because of Rosenthal. Of course, Myers is alive after H20, and returns home to find out that his house has been occupied by a group of teens holding an internet webcast. This movie continues along the lines of H20, assuming that the house has been deserted since Myer's childhood. But in Halloween 6, remember that members of the Strode family move in the Myers house and refurnish it. But I guess that is getting into too much detail for a 7th sequel. Above all, Busta Rhymes gives a great performance and would recommend seeing it for some good scares and some good gore. **+ out of ****. My ratings of the best Halloween movies. 1) Halloween **** 2) Halloween 2 ***+ 3) Halloween 8 Resurrection **+ 4) Halloween 6 Curse **+ 5) Halloween 4 Return ** 6) Halloween 7 H20 ** 7) Halloween 5 Revenge ** 8) Halloween 3 Season (Don't Bother!!!)*

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Great description of Spanish civilization, 18 June 2002

This documentary gives the viewer a great idea how the Spanish civilization has evolved from Latin America and Spain. It describes the cultures and the histories on how these regions evolved. Recommended for anyone who is planning to visit these regions because it provides the insight on what you would expect to see.

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Pearl Jam is ALIVE on DVD, 10 May 2001

Touring Band 2000 is a great showing of the band's incredible live performances of their grand catalog of songs spanning their 10 years as grungefathers. It clearly represents their superiority as one of the best live acts, especially on DVD where their music sounds even more outstanding. Added bonuses, like the Do the Evolution and the never before released Oceans music videos make it even more desirable to pick up. A must have for any serious PJ fan.

Valentine (2001)
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A wannabe Michael Myers on a different holiday, 4 February 2001

In this day of horror movies, we have to understand that any new horror movie that comes out has already somehow or some way been done before. This is the case for Valentine, where there is evidence of a Prom Night meets Halloween type of plot. The movie seems to start off slow but does indeed get better as it progresses, providing some good scares and suspense. Overall, it isn't that bad a horror movie compared to some of the other bombs that have come out in the past few years. ** out of ****

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Best Spring Break comedy of the 1980's!!!!, 31 January 2001

First of all, let's get something straight. This is in fact the best spring break comedy of the 80's. However, that means it is the best of the 4 or 5 spring break comedies that came out between 1983-1985, really the only two years of the 1980's that had spring break comedies. Therefore, I'm talking about movies like Spring Break, Where the Boys Are, Hot Resort, and Fraternity Vacation, so which also means this is pretty much just a sex comedy. Of all these, Private Resort is by far and away the best one. It follows two young guys, Depp and Morrow, who are just looking to get laid and in the meantime get in trouble with hotel security, Andrew Dice Clay, and Hector Elizondo before his Chicago Hope days. Also, not to mention the beautiful girls throughout the movie, but what else do you expect? As a result, this is a truly underrated sex comedy, but don't bother to watch it on Comedy Central, because like Casino and Goodfellas, it has to be seen uncut. **+ out of ****


80's comedy at its finest, 31 January 2001

I just saw this movie again yesterday for the thousandth time, so I realized I had to finally comment on it.This movie depicts Cusack's struggle with the break-up of his girlfriend and how we tries countless times to end his life but never manages to succeed. Along with his break-up, Cusack has the continuous struggles with the persistent paperboy, the Japanese hot rod's, the ski captain, and his dissociative parents that make his everyday life a bit more miserable. This was the movie that put Cusack at the top of teen actors in the 80's. Along with Cusack, it has a genuinely funny cast, Curtis Armstrong from Nerds and Risky Business, Ricky from Head of the Class, and Chuck Mitchell from Porky's who all add an edge of humor to an already kick ass comedy. *** out of ****

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The terrible and misleading Halloween sequel, 29 January 2001

There is really nothing much to say about this movie except for the fact that it sucks bad pumpkin pie. No Laurie Strode, no Michael Myers, and no Dr. Loomis are present in this film, but for some reason this movie is called Halloween III. Go figure, * out ****

Great sequel, just as scary and suspenseful as the first, 29 January 2001

The sequel to Halloween seems to have conflicts among critic's opinions. Some seem to like the movie, while others hate it. In my opinion, as a horror sequel, it has to be one of the best. This sequel continues on the same night as the first movie, as Michael Myers is still alive and continues to pursue Laurie Strode. The suspense and scares are still very present in the sequel, and seem to be pretty close to the original. However, some people may not like this movie. Simply because it has no plot whatsoever. It really just seems like the sequel could of just been added to the end of the movie. But, this is a HORROR movie, where really most of the time we seem to ignore the plot. So, if your a true horror fan, you should enjoy this movie

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Finally, the shape IS back!!!, 29 January 2001

The fourth movie of the Halloween series sees the return of Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis. Surprisingly, considering what happened to both of the them at the end of Halloween 2. But, it seems that they brought back Michael Myers for three reasons. First, it is 1980's and it's all about the horror sequels baby!!! Just like Friday the 13th, Amityville, Psycho, Howling, and Nightmare, Halloween couldn't resist the fun. Second, it was the 10 year anniversary of Halloween, so they had to honor Myers by bringing him back again, just like the 20th anniversary for H20. I guess will also see the 25th and 30th anniversary of Halloween with Myers escaping the nursing home on Halloween for these sequels. Finally, they brought him back because of the utter disappointment of Halloween 3, which shouldn't have ever been made. But after these reasons, it isn't that bad a sequel. Good for a late 80's horror movie. ** out of ****

Michael and the Druids????, 29 January 2001

What else is new. It seems that after a sequel hit a certain number in the series, they bring up something new in a sequel that was not previously mentioned in all the others just so that they can continue the series. Well, that is certainly apparent in this sequel where they discover that Michael is cursed from the Druids. Go figure. However, I still seem to like the movie for this reason, I was getting tired of the killing off the family bloodline thing just like the previous sequels. Also, this sequels has some good scares which seem to be the best since Halloween 2. Also, it seems they finally got the right Shape to play the Shape, considering that Michael Myers is now in his 40's and shouldn't be as thin as he once was. **+ out of ****

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