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Absolutely awful, 5 April 2001

Okay, this was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life, and I was a huge "Saved by the Bell" fan. The is absolutely ZERO chemistry between Zack and Kelly, the plot is just idiotic, and please, come on, Zack and Kelly are both (supposedly) 19 and they want to GET MARRIED??? I think not. There is so much meaningless crap in this "movie of the week" that I can't even comment on all of it. Oh, and the acting is just atrocious. Seriously...don't feel bad if you missed out on this piece of crap.

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Best Awards Show Ever., 27 February 2001

From the moment this awards show started until it ended, I don't think I ever stopped laughing. Mike Myers proved that he is one of the funniest men on the planet. From his "Lord of the Dance" to the brilliantly hysterical "Hail", he gives 110% to his art: Comedy. I am surprised he hasn't hosted other awards shows, or at least hosted the MTV Movie Awards again. A good time was had by me watching this. I only wish I'd taped it one of the million times it was played on MTV. Oh well. I have my memories. Thank you Mike Myers!

Sex and the Matrix (2000) (TV)
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One of the funniest movie parodies ever, 10 February 2001

OK, Jimmy Fallon as Keanu Reeves+"Sex and the City"=great fun had by all. This was totally unexpected! I knew the MTV Movie Awards were known for their super funny movie parodies (I'd have to say 1997 was the best year for them, with Mike Myers hosting and doing brillaint parodies of Scream and Romeo + Juliet), but I wasn't expecting a Matrix parody THIS funny. I was already a huge Jimmy Fallon fan, having seen his hysterical work on SNL, and he didn't fail to disappoint in this. His Keanu was right on, from the airy beach-bum voice to the insanely funny and goofy line "I know Kung-Fu." And Sarah Jessica Parker was a stitch! Reprising her role on "Sex and the City" as Carrie, she was as funny as she is on the show. this making any sense at all? Well, anyway, I thought it was very funny, and Jimmy Fallon is also the sexiest man on TV, so you can't go wrong there. I just realized this whole paragraph makes me sound about 13 years old, so I'll wrap it up. Weeeee!

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Cinderella starring 2 80's movie stars..., 28 January 2001

Cinderella was SO the best in the series. Matthew Broderick and Jennifer can you go wrong? I was enchanted by this as a wee lass. Yes, Pinocchio starring Pee-Wee Herman was great too, and I loved Snow White, but Cinderella was and always will be my favorite Faerie Tale.

Oh My God..., 26 January 2001

The best film of the year, hands down. I was completely enchanted by this beautiful, moving, exciting motion picture. The actors were wonderful, the script was elegant and simple, and the martial arts scenes were breathtaking! I cannot give this movie enough praise, it was just SO good.

Cast Away (2000)
Tom was good, the movie was so-so, 26 January 2001

First of all, seeing 10458.5 commercials for this movie completely gave away the ending...HE GETS OFF THE ISLAND. Where is the suspense? Yeah, that's what I thought. There was NONE. Maybe that's why I didn't like it very much. Tom Hanks was very good though, I must admit. It was a very demanding role, and he performed it very well, and I would not be surprised if Mr. Hanks walked away with another Oscar this year. His wonderful performance almost made up for a less-than-exciting movie.

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An American Classic, 29 October 2000

I have loved SNL since as long as I can remember, and though the show has had it's ups and downs, I must say that the current cast is phenomenal. You cannot deny the impact that the show has had on popular culture. Had it not been for SNL, we wouldn't have kids going around yelling things like "Schwing!" or "Well isn't that special?" or more recently, "Simma down now!"

Each cast member has something special that makes you want to see more of them. Jimmy Fallon and his dead-on impersonations, Chris Kattan and the way he uses his body to generate laughs (see "Mango" or "Mr. Peepers"), Ana Gasteyeur, who blends her humor with her former passion: singing, and Will Ferrell, who can make one laugh simply with a facial expression.

I don't think I'll ever stop watching SNL as long as it's on the air. Every week brings new laughs, new characters, and new catchphrases.

I loved this show back in the day!, 11 October 2000

Unrealistic as it was, it was still highly entertaining. I loved the chemistry between Zack & Kelly, to a sixth grade girl, his show was very sweet and very *sigh* inducing. Now that I'm in college, I do see the inaccuracies, with both the old SBTB and with the College Years, i.e. What's up with Tori?, what's up with the teeny gym?, I've never seen bigger, more luxurious dorms in my life, why did they end up at the same college anyway?, etc. But oh well. All that can be forgiven on the basis that it was not a show designed to entertain older people. It was a show to entertain kids.

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Worst Sequel EVER!, 14 September 2000

OK-There are so many things about this film that bug me, I don't even know where to start. So here is my list of questions about this horrible excuse for entertainment: 1. Why is Bastien's dad like, 10 years younger than he was in the 1st movie? 2.Why is the Childlike Empress still called that? Why doesn't she use her new name? 3.I thought the Empress told Bastien he could have as many wishes as he wanted in the first movie. Why doesn't he do this? 4.Why does Atreyu now look like a real Native American and not a pasty British kid? 5.What is Bastien's mom's name anyway? 6.Why did they even think about making this movie? 7.Why did they cast Jonathan Brandis? 8.Why'd they make ANOTHER sequel? 9.What happened to the magic of the first movie? 10.Why are Atreyu and Bastien so touchy in this movie? They get all up tight about the dumbest stuff. Yeah, to make it simple, this movie blows.

One of the most exhilirating films to emerge in a long time, 2 September 2000

When I first saw Run Lola Run I was in awe of the energy, the music, the thrill ride it took me on. I came out of the theater half wanting to run a marathon and half wanting to collapse in exhaustion. I couldn't stop talking about it with everyone I talked to, and now even my brother is a fan of the film. This is a film that many can enjoy, not just the "typical art-house film-goer." It immediately grabs your attention and sucks you into the story. If you haven't seen it-GO BUY OR RENT IT! It's absolutely wonderful!

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