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Excellent! Possibly better than the first, 14 July 2002

After five years waiting for the sequel (I enjoyed the first one), i was anticipated to see the film.

I went to see it the first day it came out and *WOW*! I thought it was an amazing sequel (unlike other bad ones). This had more humor and a unique plot to it and Will Smith stole the show as Jay.

Had a lot of good castmembers including Jackass star Johnny Knoxville and The Practice's Lara Flynn Boyle.

I was disappointed that the film was so f***ing short and it ended to soon, but overall--- i had a good time watching this


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Great action-packed update with a good mix of 'Matrix', 26 December 2000

Charlie's Angels was a very good surprise from the show with mindless 'Matrix' kung-fu fighting. Drew Barrymore was the best and toughest angel I've seen, Cameron Diaz was the sexiest and Lucy Liu was the smartest. This film was pretty entertaining and funny, and action-packed can't wait for the DVD/VHS to come out!

8.5/10 Stars

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A frightening and wonderful film of the murder!, 1 September 2000

I absolutely loved this film, it was dramatic, chilling, and offbeat just how I like it! Kate Winslet has made a breakthrough performance and this is one of Peter Jackson's best work. What made it scary was that this story actually happened in the 1950's, but this film is dazzling and wonderful to watch!

A Funny and Excellent film, 1 September 2000

This movie was just great! Had a lot of wonderful music and the humor and characters totally cool. The bad words may be over used many times, but this is a wonderful and smart satire based on the hit show. One of the best musicals and comedies I've seen in years.

Another Tim Burton Masterpiece!, 1 September 2000

This is Tim Burton's most beautiful and dazzling film since Edward Scissorhands and with Francis Ford Coppola, it gives a wonderful look to his film Bram Stoker's Dracula! I love this film, Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci gave a good performance.

The legendary Bizarre-Meister has done it again!

Funny, sassy, and entertaining black comedy!, 1 September 2000

I loved this movie! Had a good premise and the humor was right on track. Kirsten Dunst and everyone was great in the movie. Totally an excellent movie, one of the summer's best! 8/10 stars.