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Well folks, this proves that there are at least four of us that remember when Eccles was on TV!, 13 January 2001

My whole family were enthralled by The Telegoons. We watched every episode that we could. For me, as a 14 year-old, the Telegoon puppets *were* the Goons, and brought to life the radio characters as only television can for those of us who are members of the television generation. I have never forgotten the memory of seeing Eccles exploded, covered in black soot, sitting up on the power lines. As part of research I am conducting into The Telegoons, I have managed to contact several of the people who worked on the series all those years ago. Their unsung story is at last getting some air time. Since it is not within the rules to place a url in this comment, use a good search engine to search for the name of the TV series, and you'll find what you have seeking for all these years. (I am webmaster of the Official Goon Show Preservation Society Telegoons website).