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Exodus (1960)
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Overlong, but otherwise well-told epic, 17 February 2001

I have two major criticisms of this otherwise well-told and magnificently photographed epic: 1) editing, in particular the artificial romance between Newman and Saint (who is excellent in a thankless role) could have been cut, and there are more military details than necessary, and 2) Paul Newman is rather badly miscast in the lead (which is difficult to say, but in this case, he is); Kirk Douglas, who truly wanted it, or Stephen Boyd would have been a much better choice. All that being said, this is still very compelling, very informative and well worth watching.

Chocolat (2000)
Magic, 17 February 2001

A fantastic magical fantasy --- not for cynics or the chronically depressed or for those who insist upon stoic realism in every scene. Just relax, taste, and give yourself up to the magic and enjoy splendiferous performances, a magnificent soundtrack, luscious cinematography, and unrepentant joy. 10/10.

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Very clever TV-pilot-movie, 16 February 2001

In this thinking person's spy-mystery-comedy, clever is the byword. Twists and turns, constantly thought-provoking word-play, and always keep your wits about you. Luckinbill, Holm, and Crane are all magnificent. And the supporting cast is uniformly terrific especially Jagger. But, this was a star-making opportunity for Luckinbill and he made the most he possibly could out of it. If you get a chance to see this minor, unpretentious fun mystery, you should do so.

Nightfall (1956)
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Taut, low-budget, film noir with an edge, 27 January 2001

Jacques Tourneur, director of the highly acclaimed Out of The Past, leaves out the melodrama and the fanfare, to deliver the goods. Anne Bancroft is luminescent in her film debut as the model who comes to anti-hero Ray's aid. And James Gregory is fabulous as the detective shadowing Ray. But Rudy Bond steals the show whenever he's on screen as Brian Keith's sadistic partner. The pacing is taut, and the mood is gritty. This is a must for all film noir fans. 9/10.

Savages (1974) (TV)
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Exquisite retelling of The Most Dangerous Game, 19 January 2001

This is one of the best TV movies I have ever seen, and easily the most sadistic. Andy Griffith is absolute perfection as the crippled big city predatory lawyer and hunting enthusiast who turns guide and nature lover Sam Bottoms into his prey. His performance is a true work of art. But, all the entire players, including Noah Beery Jr. and James Best are perfectly cast. A true game of hearts, mind, and soul. Not to be missed. 10/10

Coffee, Tea or Me? (1973) (TV)
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Bigamy Can Be Fun In An Early 70's Time Capsule, 19 January 2001

Karen Valentine is the sweetest, most bubbly, most delightful bigamist you'd ever want to meet in this TV-movie which is an utterly perfect product of its era. She has such a good heart, she marries would-be suicide Michael Anderson Jr. to stop him from jumping even though she's already married to a medical student in LA. And, she has the most incredible point of view that only Karen Valentine could pull off -- making bigamy into a good deed. And, she discovers it is possible to be happily married to two men at the same time. Of course, since it's a TV-movie, she inevitably gets caught, and then it loses just a touch of its devil-may-care magic as it winds down in somewhat predictable fashion. Still, it's a fun romp while it lasts. 8/10.

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Comedy of All Time, 13 January 2001

This is one of my favorite comedies of all time. The dialogue is free flowing and witty. The situations are totally believable and deliciously satirical in the best sense of the year. The chemistry between Tracy and Hepburn is electric and the supporting cast is marvelous. The blend works in every way. See this movie 10;/10.

Roxie Hart (1942)
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The late George Montgomery's best comedic turn, 13 January 2001

I re-watched this film as a tribute to the recently deceased George Montgomery, and this film still holds up well. I had also seen Chicago on the stage and this is based on the same real-life story of murdress Roxie Hart. It is very satirical and insightful. Frawley steals every seen i in. And, Ginger is just stunning.

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Perky 60's Sex Comedy, 10 January 2001

This is a very perky comedy that is highly enjoyable on many levels. The quartet of stars is excellent with great chemistry all around. Those looking for a tribute festival for the recently deceased Jason Robards Jr. should definitely include this dry, brittle, and insightful performance. Rosemary Murphy quietly steals every scene that she's in, and Jane Fonda was a great ingenue "bimbo" with all the trimmings in her halcyon days. Dean Jones should be outclassed by these three, but he definitely isn't, exhibiting talent hinted at in a few other roles when he wasn't lining his wallet with Disney pablum. This movie almost has it all: terrific dialogue -- especially for fans of double and triple entendres, marvelous acting & chemistry, swift pacing, social insight, and a true historical time capsule. My only mild criticism is that the cinematography is rather pedestrian even though the director makes the most of his attempts to open it up from being a filmed stage play, the camera work even in these scenes is unimaginitive. The positive side of this is that this is a perfect video movie since it does not need to be seen on the big screen. I give it 9 out of 10.

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A complete waste of talent and time, 10 January 2001

I saw the capsule comment said "great acting." In my opinion, these are two great actors giving horrible performances, and with zero chemistry with one another, for a great director in his all-time worst effort. Robert De Niro has to be the most ingenious and insightful illiterate of all time. Jane Fonda's performance uncomfortably drifts all over the map as she clearly has no handle on this character, mostly because the character is so poorly written. Molasses-like would be too swift an adjective for this film's excruciating pacing. Although the film's intent is to be an uplifting story of curing illiteracy, watching it is a true "bummer." I give it 1 out of 10, truly one of the worst 20 movies for its budget level that I have ever seen.

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