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The Raccoons (1985–1992)
One of the best cartoon shows ever
22 October 2001
The Raccoons and The Muppet Babies are the two best cartoon shows of the '80s, and there were a lot of great cartoons back then! I love this show because it's not some 30-minute toy commercial; it's a quality cartoon with great characters, great songs, and great plots. Like any fan of this show, I love Bert. He's just so courageous and his antics always give me a laugh. Cyril Sneer may come off selfish and mean, but he's really a very nice guy, especially with his son Cedric. And the songs in this show are some of the best songs ever made for a cartoon; they always fit in nicely with the plot and had that classic new wave sound to it (something that The Muppet Babies also have).

So, if you can find it, give this show a good watch. You'll love it!

Rating: 11/10
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Muppet Babies (1984–1991)
Awesome...just awesome!
22 October 2001
This is without a doubt one of the greatest cartoon shows ever put on TV. The '80s were chock full of great cartoons, but this one (along with The Raccoons) was the best one of all. I'm a huge fan of the Muppets, and I think I love the Muppet Babies even more than the grown-up Muppets! All the characters on this show were great. It's one of the few shows where I don't hate one of the characters. My favorites are Baby Beaker and Baby Gonzo. I love Beaker because he's actually my favorite Muppet period, and because on this show he was cute beyond belief! His 'meep meep' voice was even cuter! And I love Baby Gonzo because I can relate to him so much. I've always been bit of an outsider who likes to do her own thing.

So all in all, this cartoon is a sure-fire classic, and should be put back on TV!

My rating: 11/10
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The best animated production EVER
22 October 2001
Warning: Spoilers
How can you not be enraptured by this film? I don't understand that. This is ten thousand times better than anything Disney did, and I really like a lot of the old Disney films, so that's quite an honor. I first saw this when I was about 7 or 8, and boy, did I fall in love with it. Those who complain about the crude animation need to look a little bit closer. That's the movie's charm, and if it were animated like a Disney film, then it just wouldn't be the classic that it is. Heinz Edelmann, a little known but incredible artist, designed this film, not Peter Max, which a lot of people have a tendency to think. If I ever had a chance to meet Heinz, I think I'd be so ecstatic that I'd drop dead.

Anyhow, let me get started on my review. This movie begins with a beautiful opening scene of Pepperland, an unearthly paradise located beneath the sea. That's when the Blue Meanies, lead by the Cheif Meanie and his sidekick, Max, do destroy all that is happy and good, leaving Pepperland into a barren, deathly quiet wasteland. It's now up to Old Fred to escape into a Yellow Submarine to find help--and does he ever! It's none other than the Beatles themselves!

I don't want to put too many spoilers in here, so if you want to see what happens, you'll have to watch it for yourself! <=)

My rating: 100/10
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EarthBound (1994 Video Game)
Too awesome for words
20 August 2001
This is the best video game ever. It's so unique and isn't like any other RPG. It's inventive in every way imaginable. Sure, bore yourself to tears with the contrived RPGs with sorcery and dragons and such, but you don't know what you're missing here...
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The Simpsons (1989– )
Once a classic, but...
19 August 2001
When The Simpsons first came on TV, it was so incredibly clever and witty you'd hardly believe what you saw. The character development was fantastic, the writing superb. It seemed almost perfect. (My all time favorite episode is 'The Way We Was.' That being how Marge and Homer met in high school...still love it!) I also liked it better when Bart was the center of the show rather than Homer. There's so many classics from the early-mid '90s!

But now, it's gotten so incredibly horrible. Now I don't mean 'I don't like this' horrible, I mean HORRIBLE! This started after 1997 or so when the writing became sub-par. And the producers seem to be quite aware of how much this show has declined. So why aren't they retiring it and only showing reruns? I wish I knew. I don't even bother myself with watching the new episodes anymore. I gave up on that quite a while ago. I will always love this show, but only the golden years thank you very much.

But just because this show has crashed and burned doesn't mean Matt Groening's creativity has. 'Futurama' is just as good as The Simpsons in their heyday!
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Sesame Street (1969– )
Wonderful...well, it was in the earlier years
19 August 2001
I adore this show like you won't believe. I still watch the old classics on Noggin and I just love it to bits. Who couldn't like Bert and Ernie, the best characters on the show? And what about the forgotten favorites like the Yip-Yip Aliens and the Twiddlebugs? Back in the '70s and '80s this show was everything an awesome show should be. All the characters (except for Oscar, of course) were friendly and welcoming. You learned from it, and your parents loved it too for how clever it was. But now...but now...

I agree with everyone who said that Elmo's a glory hog. He certainly is! I mean, he was so cute when on once in a while like every other Muppet, but when he was on more and more he drove me to the point of insanity. Let's face it, the new Sesame Street episodes are U-N-W-A-T-C-H-A-B-L-E. I tried watching a newer episode once, but turned it off about halfway through. Mr. Hooper's death was one loss, adults being able to see Snuffy was another, but ELMO'S WORLD!? HEAVEN FORBID! I mean, why are they doing this? If Jim Henson was still alive he'd be absolutely disgusted about the way Sesame Street is now.

But, I try not to worry about all this too much...I still watch and adore the classic episodes, and thus I try to ignore Elmo as much as possible. I will always love Sesame Street, and it will always be a treasured memory from my childhood.

Also, the book 'Sesame Street Unpaved' is wonderfully entertaining and should not be overlooked by any 'Sesame' fan!
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The Jeffersons (1975–1985)
Best Spinoff of All Time!
19 May 2001
While some spinoffs are duds (Joanie Loves Chachi, Sheriff Lobo), this one is a classic. With the name NORMAN LEAR attached to it, you know you'll be in for a treat. The characters on this show are downright hilarious! George makes me laugh till my sides hurt. That goes for Mr. Bentley! You can't knock the acting talent, either. Sherman Hemsley is fantastic at capturing George's short temper. Louise very frequently loses her patience with her pugnacious hubby, but loves him nonetheless. Florence, their sassy maid, is *hysterical* when she puns off George! This was also the first show to have a racially mixed couple; Tom and Helen Willis.

The writing is dead on as well. None of the episodes are ever boring. They're all downright funny!

Bravo, Lear, BRAVO!
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All in the Family (1971–1979)
'70s Classic, TV Landmark
19 May 2001
This in my humble opinion is the most brilliant show EVER brodcast on television. I love just about all of Norman Lear's shows, but this one hands down is THE classic. I don't really see how you can call it 'dated,' it has been, after all, thirty years since its debut. This show was everything the '70s really were: Nixon, Woman's Lib, Politics, etc. I think just about anyone could somehow relate to it. Archie is what almost every male human is. And I must say he's my favorite TV character. :) I also love Edith, his sweet yet simpleminded wife. No matter how much of a bad mood Archie's in she's always sweet and cheerful towards him. And we have thier daughter Gloria, and her hubby, Mike (MEATHEAD!). All in all, this show is pure genius. If you haven't seen it, catch it, and you'll love it.
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Ed, Edd n Eddy (1999–2008)
Boring and all washed up
2 April 2001
This show really got on my nerves after a while. And I agree Bart Simpson is a much better character. I also have to say...I HATE the way it's drawn! The colors seem all out of place. The characters are just plain agitating! Ed is stupid, Double D is a neurotic geek, and Eddy's a shrimpy loser. And the scripts are pointless and boring. This show is just a washed up version of the Three Stooges or Beavis and Butthead. If you haven't seen this show, you aren't missing a thing. Watch the Powerpuff Girls instead.
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The Powerpuff Girls (1998–2005)
Changed my mind...
31 March 2001
I admit, this show used to drive me up the wall. Now that I've finally given it a chance, I know that it is creative and funny. Each character has a very distinct persona; Blossom (my favorite) as the intelligent leader, Bubbles the sensitive cute one, and Buttercup the tomboy. The villains are great, too. Mojo Jojo is really funny! So are the Gangrene Gang! Not all villains have to be dark, onimous and terrifying, you know. I also love this show because it's not blood and gore 24-7 like other superhero cartoons. ...My point: give this show a chance. They're the best show on Cartoon Network, anyone can tell you that!
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