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Dirty Dancing (2017) (TV)
What were they thinking?, 11 June 2017

I can not believe this unnecessary retreat was even in the works, and the result is just a far cry from what the original film brought us; the music sounds like karaoke versions of the originals and everybody is a walking, talking, singing and dancing anachronism (on top of severe miscasting in almost every part) of the time and place; this does not do justice to anybody that work in the original film, and it is patched to fill a 3 hour broadcast slot. No, no, no.

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The perfect movie for any day of the year., 19 May 2017

This is exactly the type of movie the golden Globes have a Comedy category for, and to think the Hollywood foreign press messed up by not nominating the movie, Bill Murray and Andie McDowell for all the Comedy film categories is a crime and the reason why the Golden Globes lose respectability as a worthy award.

Regardless of that, what a joyful and wonderful film this is, probably the best part of the film legacy Harold Ramis left us. What a fantastic chemistry Bill and Andie have surrounded by a great cast that reacts perfectly to both of them with great timing.

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The last larger-than-life musical?, 12 May 2017

Probably one of the most underrated musicals of all time (next to THE WIZ), it is a shame that this movie is labeled overblown and excessive, which it is NOT; it is lavish and elegant and larger-than-life.

Barbra Streisand is as magnificent here as she is in FUNNY GIRL, and at least very deserving of an Oscar nomination for her splashy, vibrant and effortlessly spontaneous and vivacious performance.

Gene Kelly not being nominated also for directing this classic is as much a travesty as Steven Spielberg not being nominated for directing the best film of 1985, THE COLOR PURPLE, then again, A.M.P.A.S has made many faux pas over its existence.

Here's to you Dolly Levi, and Barbra Streisand, so glad to have you both where you belong, in such a beloved and highly admired musical film.

Giant (1956)
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Overrated? Over-inflated? just too overlong and boring?, 9 May 2017

Well, after finally tackling this "epic" soap opera, is it truly deserving of all its hype? Beautiful Liz Taylor, handsome Rock Hudson, and strapping and intense and methodical Jim Dean, but overall the feeling is just mute, could not wait for the whole thing to just be over with. Compared to Gone with the Wind, it is such a snooze and no character here comes close to the audaciousness and spunk of Scarlett O'Hara or the beauty and goodness of Melanie Hamilton or the tower of strength that is Mammie. Rhett Butler would bitch-slap Rock Hudson's character silly if he had the chance.

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Beautiful cinematography wasted in infantile humor., 27 May 2015

Such gorgeous location and top-notch cinematography on a movie you feel sorry about everyone in it except for Seth McFarlane, who has managed to squander his great cast in such poorly executed rubbish. How in the world Amanda Seyfried goes from Les Miserables to this is beyond me.

She had to have lost a bet to take such a step backwards in her career, unless the money was too good to pass for her or everyone else.

So embarrassing I rather just stop talking about it.

There is even a cameo in a barn that shows the ineptitude of Universal Pictures to allow such great property to be diminished in such collection of juvenile, childish and incompetent gags that fall flat from the get go.

Just awful and worthy of skipping altogether.

"Mixology" (2013)
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Sadly underrated and under-appreciated series that was very witty and funny with a great cast of newcomers., 14 June 2014

This show is a perfect example when a show is too good for its audience and it is aired in the wrong network, just like DON'T TRUST THE BITCH IN APARTMENT 23. Both shows had smart writing, comedic wit to spare and a great cast, but they were both too smart for audiences that would rather have the juvenile humor of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and THE KING OF QUEENS, two shows that overstayed their welcome by at least 5 seasons and could have not been more overrated.

Everyone in the cast shines. The concept was great and it is unfortunate that we will not see what other directions the series would have taken, but at least it was given the chance to end and it was given a good resolution to all its characters for the short one season it lasted.

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Bad excuse of a sequel, 31 August 2013

Already a very unremarkable franchise, this sequel just buries everything deeper in the mud with its far-fetched, bogus and ridiculous action set pieces and lazy dialog. A truly juvenile and infantile animated film that should be avoided by all adults that are looking for an intelligent animated film like any of the Toy Story films. Poor voice-over work by the all-star cast, and the AFRO CIRCUS song gets old quickly. There are some striking and beautiful animation sequences, but they get lost among all the nonsense. It is sad to see that such an empty story and wrong-headed situations are being turned into feature films like this one. A true misfire.

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The best experience of my life., 28 October 2011

I can not believe it has been 5 years as of today that I had the privilege and blessing to watch this concert, and what a surprise that it was being filmed for TV and Video. It was an experience I will never forget. Probably the best experience of my life, and to think that right in the middle of DOWN WITH LOVE, there I am, with my arms extended up high cheering the best entertainer that ever lived. Thank you Miss Streisand, for letting me be part of your video, and part of that wonderful night in Sunrise, Florida where you more than raised the roof away of the BANKATLANTIC CENTER; I bet not even the Florida Panthers have caused such uproar in that venue in their entire franchise. 10/28/06 is a date for the record books in Florida and in my lifetime.

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The best PIXAR movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 7 August 2010

I think Pixar reached its paramount with this film. From now on all they will be able to do is make very good films, but nothing will match the wonder and accomplishment TOY STORY 3 represents.

I do not think there are enough superlatives in any language to describe the impact and importance this movie has and will have in the world of cinema.

Deservedly so this movie is, as of August 2010, the biggest G-rated movie of all time and Pixar's biggest hit.

As far as I am concerned, this film is the best animated film ever (combined with the other 2 TOY STORY films), the best sequel ever (combined with TOY STORY 2), and all TOY STORY films are the best movie franchise of all time.

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Music score., 27 December 2008

This episode has a montage when the main character takes photos around the neighborhood, which is extremely evocative and moving.

Not only that, but the accompanying music piece that underscores the scene is truly magical and touching as well.

The creators behind this sure knew how to marry the images to the music, extremely beautiful.

The acting by the lady who plays Rita and the extras surely take you to a different time and place.

Truly moving.

I would like to see the music piece available in a soundtrack.

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