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Sesame Street + Target = lackluster episode, 17 February 2011

One of the weakest episodes so far this season.

The producer's idea of having the Sesame Street muppets involved in the quickfire challenge was an embarrassing misfire. Padma, now that she has a kid, seemed to enjoy it. I didn't. Making cookies ???? Cmon.

The Target challenge was slightly better. The whole thing happened at 3:30am. They had to only use cooking and food items found inside the store. That was a nice twist. Given what they had to work with, most of the dishes looked decent. But nothing that made me hungry and say, " Wow". For me that's a sign of a good episode, that the food prepared looks great.

What also was missing was the warm, beautiful presence of Gail Simmons. She's my favorite judge. She's so pretty and makes every episode she's on, so much fun.

For me, all the years of watching Top Chef, I have never have any rooting interest in any chef to win. I just like the scenes of food preparation, the drama inherent in that, the dishes themselves.

However, when contestants are behaving like jerks or snobs, then I have an interest in watching them get kicked off the show.

Overall, hopefully Top Chef goes back to sensible Quickfire and Elimination challenges, and not these ratings stunt episodes.

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mediocre Halloween episode, 31 October 2010

Jon Hamm is a solid performer, but for the most part, Seth and his writing team didn't give him enough solid material for him to shine.

Lorne stacked all the high points towards the front of the show. The brilliant digital short was right after the monologue, with Rhianna and Shy Ronnie ( Samberg reprising his role ) in a hilarious hip hop spoof of Bonnie and Clyde.

Next was the always clever and funny Vincent Price Halloween special. Guests spouting off double entendres were Judy Garland, Liberace, JFK, and Price doing his best to censor them.

Another home run was the Back To the Future 25th Anniversay DVD showing auditions by Al Pacino, Bill Cosby, Sam Kinison, Prince, Robin Williams,and best of all, Eddie Murphy. Another brilliant impersonation by Jay Pharoah.

Then things start to pale. Kristin Wiig as a clueless actresses making outrageous contract demands, and a TV show about Viral internet victims.

Things brightened up with the sexy Rhianna music sets, the Weekend Update reteaming of the musical duo who clearly are unprepared, and make stuff up on the spot, and the homo-erotic Chips TV satire.

Opening with Joe Biden and Hamm's ad genius monologue were cringe worthy.

Overall, a mediocre Halloween episode. Thank god for DVR, so easy to fast forward through the dead on arrival skits.

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few hits, mostly misses, 10 October 2010

The Jane Lynch hosted episode was a mediocre offering, with very few hits, and a lot of misses.

The hits : Damn It, Your Mom's on Facebook. Truly funny. Jay Pharoah's spot on Denzel Washington impersonation Muscial guest Bruno Mars.

The skits that had some quasi success : Samberg / Lynch therapy session ; Sunday night football song.

The rest of the skits were vastly underwhelming, stupid, or downright annoying : the Madeline Albright opening, the monologue, Glee gilly, tax man's twin brother, Secret Word, Suzy Norman's gay guest, Weekend update.

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solid season opener, 26 September 2010

I enjoyed this season opener. The hit / miss ratio favored the hits. Truly funny opening spoof of GOP Senate wannabe Christine O'Donnell's bizarre past deeds. And an inspired opening monologue / dream by host Amy Poeler, with great cameos by Jimmy Falon, Tina Fey, Justin Timberlake.

Hair replacement commercial was gross but funny, and Maya Rudolph returns to team up with Amy on Bronx talk show with guest librarian, Katy Perry, wearing low cut Elmo shirt, exposing the most beautiful cleavage in show business. A riff on her recent Sesame Street dustup on her excised segment, being too sexy for innocent kid viewers.

Other highlights, Amy reteaming with Seth for Weekend update, joined by outgoing NY governor Patterson, and new cast member Jay Pharoah, doing a spot on Will Smith impersonation : Expendables movie sequel spoof digging up more has-beens was hilarious : and SNL finally books a musical guest that I actually watched both performances : Katy Perry. The last time I did that was when U2 performed in 2003 when Val Kilmer hosted.

I loved both Katy's performances, even though lots of viewers complained about her singing. Not me. I think she's great, especially her 2nd performance, wearing the super hot short red glitter skirt, and blue hair highlights, backed up by smoking hot cheerleader singers.

Surprising misfire : Adam Samberg's usually funny digital short was stunningly lame ( Boogerman ??? ) But like I said the hits outweighed the misses.

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writers let Jon Hamm down, 25 July 2010

one of weakest episodes of the season.

Jon Hamm's has his second stint as host, but the writers don't give him the material to showcase his strong comic talents

only standout are two skits :

first is a digital short : Andy Samburg's parody of the movie Drag Me To Hell, where Andy is cursed by the appearance Sergio ( Hamm as a sexy sax playing Lothario ) with the uproarious punchline happening in a hospital delivery room.

the other amusing skit is Hamm as new Massachusetts winking senator driving the democratic leaders in conference to fits of sex daydreams

Seth Meyers normally bright Weekend Update is watered down by another overlong appearance by the unfunny Sooki impersonation.

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Abby Eliot shines, 11 July 2010

An overall mediocre offering at best.

Jude Law does an okay job as host, but the two of the three standout skits he's in also feature the lovely, Abby Eliot ( the prettiest girl on the show ) The best is Jude as a Spanish killer enticing two brain dead chicks, Eliot and Slate, to come with him.

The second best is a Twilight Zone, Terror at 20,000 feet parody with Law as the schizo airline passenger and Eliot as his girlfriend. Biggest laugh comes when the gremlin on the wing appears with musical guest, Pearl Jam.

Big laughs also come during Andy Samberg's ghetto blaster causing a senior citizen orgy musical, and Jerry Seinfeld joining Seth Meyers on a Really segment of Weekend Update.

The rest of the show was lame.

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Tomei lovely host, 11 July 2010

An above average episode.

The standout skits are truly funny. The best being the My Cousin Vinny courtroom parody scene. Except it's OJ on trial and Tomei reprises her wonderful Mona Lisa Vito character as a defense witness, charming Judge Ito into freeing OJ.

The second best : Tomei hosting a talk show about body piercing, and most of laughs involve combating infections.

Tomei still remains one of Hollywood's most charming, talented, and hottest actresses.

She should host again.

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Tina's the best, 18 April 2010

Best episode of the season so far. Tina returns to host and hits a home run in almost every skit she's in. Musical guest Justin Bieber even plays along in a few scenes. Best : Duncan Hines Brownie Husband. One of the funniest fake commercial ads in SNL history. Other winners: Sarah Palin Network ; great Tina editorial on Weekend update about celebrity cheating husbands, and a clever Tina and Justin musical take on teacher and student wonder lust. Also the photos of Tina that come on after commercial breaks, are some of the prettiest and sexiest pictures Tina has ever done. I hope it doesn't take another movie opening ( ala plugging Date Night ) before Tina agrees to host again.

Closer (2004/I)
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love, sex, fight, swear, strip...., 4 December 2004

I'm sure this film is gonna win the Oscar for best screenplay. Why? Cause every other word of dialogue is "fawk this" or " fawk that". Academy voters admire profanity in films. Proof? Other films that won the writing Oscar, like Pulp Fiction and Good Will Hunting, had 70%profane dialogue .

The plot?? Four pretentious people meet each other by accident, interact, fight, fall in love, fall out of love, cry like babies, fight some

more, and disply urbane wit by cussing each other out. All the while classical music, mawkish guitar, and New Wave music plays on the soundtrack.

However, worth the price of admission alone, is Natalie Portman's stunning scene with Clive in the strip club. Whoever was running the camera, deserves major cinematography kudos for showcasing Natalie's gorgeous body. she is so hot. Her body is a 10. Alas, the film is not. Thanks for reading. Bye.

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KABOOM !!!!, 24 April 2004

Wow, I was ready to walk out after the first hour. I thought I was watching a direct to video / USA Network by-the-numbers, action time-filler. Lame, uninvolving setup. Travolta was embarrassing. "Sexy" Laura Harring looked awful. Thomas Jane looked constipated. Then something assassin turns up, sings a song to Punisher in a diner. Then KABLAMMO, movie finds it's groove and the ensuing, and sometimes funny battles ( especially mano a mano with giant Russian ) turn this movie into an enjoyable blast. Punisher's next door neighbors turn out to be more plucky and clever than I expected, and Punisher's revenge plot trickery, and heavy metal action, take on an aura of gleeful, over the top, trash movie fun. I'm glad I stayed. Bye. Thanks for reading.

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