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cute and unpredictable!, 11 March 2012

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What can I say, colour me impressed! Having only seen this movie recently, I was going in thinking it would be another predictable rom-com. Yes it did have an ending that I wanted and yes it was a little slow at times but relatable. I related to the story. Personally I sometimes want to be somebody else... The characters were good to watch. The guys were nice eye-candy, always a good formula. I've always liked Alyssa Milano from my childhood days. I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. SPOILER.....The twist at the end was fab. I'm inspired too. I highly recommend this to those who want a twist to the traditional rom-coms.

The Switch (2010/I)
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Loved it, 16 May 2011

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It's not you typical rom=com.

I'm a fan of Jason Bateman from his young TV days, teen wolf 2 right through Juno to Arrested Development. He excelled in his role as Wally and I love the chemistry he had with Sebastian. I think the boy kinda knew that he was in some way related to Wally subconsciously when he tells him to take him home! He had that look in his eyes like you know what you have to do when he led him into gatecrashing the party with Roland and his family. I love seeing the dynamics between the boy and his father/father figure especially after when Sebastian threw a tantrum at his birthday wall climbing party after which he ran to him mother Kassie then took Wally's hands to ask for comfort. This film reminded me of how much I loved watching Jersey Girl and About a Boy . Highly recommended as Jason Bateman's dry humour suits his character. I have bought the Blu-ray DVD version so i can watch the deleted scenes, bloopers etc. I would have loved to have had a scene when they tell Sebastian that Wally is is father, though I think that the boy kinda already had a feeling about this. I read the original short story The Baster on the web, which this film is based on and I much prefer the film version.

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A fun film all round!, 13 April 2005

It's probably not unusual that I loved this film as it contains all the elements I love in a movie - comedy, music; romance; a story and beautiful people.

I loved it because it does pay homage to musicals like Grease and to Bollywood which I have started to watch more recently with awe. Laughter and Love are great recipes and this film does not disappoint.

Its a shame that the deleted scenes (in the DVD) where not in the full version as I think they were quite pivotal to the story telling especially the song, Arrogance, Love and Vanity.

It truly helps when there's eye-candy with the gorgeous Martin Henderson ans Aishwarya Rai. These people make it even more worthwhile to watch!

The story of course based is based on a classic by Jane Austen yet it brings us to modern world by its issues of cross-cultural differences.

I know the reviews have been mixed but you can't please everyone yet I highly recommend it if you are a romantic like me! Or even just human!!

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Excellent movie- one of my all-time favourites!, 25 August 2000

I thoroughly enjoyed this film so much that I am obsessed with it! I can relate to Josie's teenage angst and the conflicting priorities that she was in, in terms of her loyalty to her job and a potential love interest.

I truly recommend it to all ages. It'll make you laugh, laugh out loud and cry yet happy, all at once sometimes!

PS Michael Vartan is a very sexy man indeed!