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Red Dragon (2002)
See Manhunter Instead, 30 October 2002

Just back from seeing Red Dragon and i have to say im disapointed. 2 weeks ago i saw Manhunter for the first time and really liked it. As i eagerly awaited Red Dragon i was told that it was better then Manhunter. What a load of B.S. Let me explain it this way I'll start off by saying what was good and bad about Red Dragon. Good: Anthony Hopkins is the best thing about this movie. Just as good a performance as Silence Of The Lambs. Ralph Fiennes is brilliant a really creepy character that you totally believe. Bad: pretty much everything else. Ed Norton is good and i really like him but William Peterson is way better in Manhunter and all Norton really seems to do is copy him action for action word for word. Thats the main problem with Red Dragon. Its a direct copy even rip off of Manhunter. Yes i am well aware that RD is a remake but it copies Manhunter to a T so much that RD is just boring after seeing Manhunter. The only real fault with Manhunter is that Hannibal is really bad. Brian Cox did a really bad job with the character. Theres only one Hannibal and thats Tony Hopkins. Bottom line take this advice. If your the kinda person that more likes recent movies then old ones (your a fool for that) then go see Red Dragon but do not watch Manhunter before seeing RD or ever after that. If you have better taste and appreciate a more original movie then see Manhunter i promise you wont regret it.

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Michael!! i love you!, 22 June 2002

just the saying of the name Michael Jackson still gets me excited and happy. Mike is as strong today as ever. all you have to do is listen to his latest album Invincible for proof. in the dangerous short films you are given many of Mikes greatest music videos and songs. ranging from the excellent video and song Jam to the classic remember the time. what makes this album so essential for me apart from being a massive! Mike Jackson fan is that Dangerous is my all time favourite album but Dangerous doesnt have to be your favourite album to appreciate this. The video/dvd contains such classics songs and videos as 'in the closet' 'who is it' and 'give in to me' but one of the greatest features of the dangerous short films is the black or white video. due to the part at the end after the actual video many have labelled this video as contraversial and have banned it from many tv stations. now you can see for yourself that all the contraversy was utter noncense. just go and see for yourself you wont be dissapointed. another great feature is the behind the scenes footage. on many of the music videos you are treated to rare behind the scenes on such videos as 'jam' 'black or white' remember the time' and 'in the closet' these segments are of very high quality going into great depts on how the videos were made and also showing great humour by Mike that many people dont get to see. there is also classic footage of Mike receiving his 1993 grammy legend award that was given to him by his sister Janet Jackson. Mike performing 'heal the world' at the superbowl. you will be more then happy with your purchase of the dangerous short films and will find yourself watching it again and again.

Swingers (1996)
this movie is so money and people dont even know it!, 16 February 2002

i watched this movie last night on tv i wasn't even pushed to watch it since i hadn't heard anything about it but i luckily decided i would and all i can say about swingers is 'VEGAS BABY VEEEEEGAS!!'' this movie is so funny i cant believe it! the cast is excellent vince vaughan rocks in this movie he is so funny the script is top class, listen just rent then buy swingers coz this movie is so!! money and people dont even know it!!

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One Of The Greatest Movies Ever, 12 February 2002

the godfather is a timeless classic most ages can appreciate. the godfather is one of very few movies that have standed the test of time. the godfather is the best of the trilogy but the godfather pt II is very close but not just the main reason for this is because Marlon Brando isn't in the second part he is truely amazing in the godfather if he hadn't of won best actor oscar for it there would be alot of questions to ask. this was Al Pacinos third movie the previous two not getting him any recognition he changed all this by giving the performance of his life, and if you think hes good in this see part II and even though most reviewers say that part III is terrible i assure you it is not! true it is not as good as the previous 2 but Al Pacino should be enough of a reason to watch part III as he is, as always, amazing. so if you have seen the first Godfather but not the others then just buy the Godfather trilogy on d.v.d thats what i did.

scary..., 2 December 2001

i was on the way to see this in the cinema expecting it to be very good from seeing previews but i didnt expect it to be one bit scary but i was so! wrong jeepers creepers has some very original thrills the cast is unknown but suprise you being excellent from start to finish you'll be on the edge of your seat it has some similarities to texas chainsaw massacre but jeepers creepers is 100 times better if you havent seen it then see it and then buy it cant wait till it comes out on dvd coz im going to buy 100 copies

Bruce Willis' The 6th sense, 4 August 2001

The 6th sense is one of the best movies ever made easily! It has all the factors necessary for a succesful movie, An excellent leading man Bruce Willis, which i'm sure you all ready know by now has well proven he can act without having action in his movies, Haley joel osmend seems to have come from no-where with a big bang and obviously has a career a-head of him, an excellent director , one of the best, m.night shymalan and excellent script and top story with of course a killer twist which i didnt see coming so its as simple as this if you want to see an incredible movie probably one of the best if not the best movie ever then rent the 6th sense


deeply moving..., 23 June 2001

187 is a film that still plays on in your mind long after watching the film and there is one reason for this.. Sam jackson i mean he is quite simply the man he's an actor you just cant take your eyes off. 187 is unquestionably like dangerous minds but d minds was just a fantasy about a teacher that comes out of no where and makes a difference but 187 shows the realisation of a world like that the grittiness and violence and doesn't have a happy ending. the strangest thing about this movie is it made me think something i have never before i felt sorry for him as a teacher what he had to put up with, i mean my teachers think they have it bad they should spend a week in a school like the ones in 187. it took guts for garfield to walk into a class like that and say 'I'm gonna do my job' his passion overuled he tried to make a difference and he did but doesnt go so smoothly like in dangerous minds,

so if want my advice forget dangerous minds and get 187 and see Sam Jackson do his job

Fight Club (1999)
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unreal..., 3 June 2001

fight club is one of the few films that the more i watch it the better it gets pitt nad norton were both amazing but pitt got the best lines

that is the best thing about the movie the script is so good that you will hang on every word that is said lines such as ''our great war is our spiritual war our great depression is our lives'' lines with such meaning make you say them again and again in your head and think about what they mean to you even lines that are much more simpler but still have meaning in them ''how much can you know about yourself if youv'e never being in a fight'' that should be thought about alot, by men anyway there is nothing about this film that i dont like the first time i saw it though i thought the end wasn't great but the more you watch it the more it makes sense. what i got from the end was that everyday people struggle to be someone else or need change in their life and that is a theme in this film. and if your a guy then you will love the fighting: bloody, violent and very cool. fight club se7en and snatch are the movies that proove that brad pitt can be really cool and not a ponce like his other movies...

resident evil fans will love this!!!, 7 March 2001

i just bought this a week ago on an impulse buying, i thought that i might get disapointed as i had not seen it before... the last thing i was, was disapointed i can not praise this movie enough if your a horror movie fan then get this and see what you think, but if your a fan of the resident evil games on the playstation then i can guarantee you will like this movie and its other parts the action is excellent, there is enough gore to keep you up all night and the acting is standard

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john is the woo..., 25 December 2000

I think that tom cruise and john woo are an excellent team

the cruiser should make way more action movies it really suits him to do them especially with woo. Mi-2 is non stop action: double-guns, motorbike chases and fistfights. i dont think there is anything majorly wrong with the plot. mi-2 is better then the first one but i only say that because im an action junkie. the rock climbing scene is the best ive seen. respect to the cruiser for doing all his own stunts!

by the way the matrix is nothing like mi-2! at all!


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