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Great anime series, 9 November 2004

'Kimagure orange road' (or 'Max et compagnie' as it is called in France) is the best anime series I have ever watched. It's a touching, beautiful adaptation of the great comic series by Izumi Matsumoto. The character designs by Akemi Takada are simply wonderful. Madoka must be my favorite female character ever.

The series has a nostalgic feeling about it but the story is interesting enough on it's own. Although the animation may look somewhat dated by today's standards, i find it to be appealing at the same time. If you are looking for an anime that isn't about fantasy worlds or fighting contests, look no further.

Kimagure orange road should be watched by all anime fans... A classic!

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Great movie!, 16 September 2003

Great movie with two outstanding performaces by Hoffman and Voight. 'Midnight cowboy' contains some memorable scenes and the music is just great. It surprises me to read people think this movie is out dated. It isn't. See it when you have the chance!

Alias (2002)
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Boring!, 8 February 2002

I saw this film at a sneak conference at Kinepolis Brussels. 'De Alias' was promoted as a chiller. Well, I can tell you I didn't 'chill' for a moment. This is a boring movie plagued by a plot which is way too simple. The acting is bad, except Geert Hunaerts, Hilde Van Mieghem and Pol Goossen. The ending makes up for a lot and you can tell by looking at the final quarter of the movie that director Jan VErheyen has what it takes to direct a thriller. But in this cases, the plot and the average acting ruin the film.

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Great adaptation of the classic tale!, 28 October 2001

Le petit poucet is a great french adaptation of the classic tale. What really makes it stand out are the beautiful backgrounds and sceneries. Each scene is like a painting. This makes watching 'Le petit poucet' like reading the fairy tale accompanied by beautiful drawings. But there's more: this movie actually knows what a fairy tale originally was: a pretty dark and scary story for adults. This makes that 'Le petit poucet' isn't really suited for young children but grown-ups like myself who have read the story as a child will be excited and enchanted when they see how director Olivier Dahan has adapted it for the big screen. A must-see for fans of fairy tales and fantasy films alike!

Superb!, 19 August 2001

I just loved this movie! This really isn't a movie just for women, as I am a man and I could relate to many of the situations depicted in the movie. Zellweger is a superb Bridget Jones and we finally get to see Hugh Grant play a bastard :-) All in all, one of the best comedies I've seen so far in 2001. A must-see!

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Very touching!, 29 July 2001

Dominique Deruddere has managed to uncover the flemish spirit with 'Iedereen beroemd!'. The actors do a great job and the story is very touching. 'Iedereen beroemd!' ranks very high among my all-time favorite belgian movies! a must-see for anyone who is in the mood for a charming tale of the love between a father and a daughter and the dreams they both have. Simply brilliant!

Brother (2000/I)
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The best movie of 2001, 14 July 2001

'Brother', Takeshi Kitano's last masterpiece, is, hands down, the best movie I've seen in 2001. Although it is very violent, it also contains a strange emotional layer rarely seen in a yakuza film. A lot of people are killed, but not a single death in the film has no meaning. The beautiful soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi only adds more emotional impact to the movie. One thing is clear to me now: Takeshi Beat Kitano is a man who knows how to make a compelling movie that is hard and tender at the same time.

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A great reflection of the seventies spirit, 22 August 2000

This movie does a great job at reflecting the spirit of the sixties and seventies. The cast is brilliant. It's an honest story about family life and the growing pains it may encounter. A must see!