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Live Wire (1992)
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One of my favorite movies!, 21 August 2005

I don't want to give anything away of the content of the movie, so all I can say: I just love Pierce performance in it, the melody of the main theme, also the story of Pierce' character. Additionally, the movie is very suspenseful most of the time. I can understand why people find it's not such a good movie. Personally, 'though I know it's not the best movie ever made, I love it.

If you ask me: Give it a try! I don't think you will regret having watched it, and maybe you'll even like as much as I and some other people do.

Luckily, a DVD has been released some time ago. The DVD quality is quite good, and luckily both full and widescreen versions are included. For 4:3 TVs, I'd recommend to watch the fullscreen version as you can see more at the top and bottom.

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Excellent movie, sweet performance by Yasmine Bleeth, 17 February 2005

Words just can't describe how I feel about this movie... it's one of my favorite. Even though I normally don't like romantic movies, I just love this one. The story is so sweet. Also, the story, the characters, the music, everything is just perfect and the actors (especially the main actors, gorgeous Yasmine Bleeth and Richard Grieco) seem to be made for this movie. The movie is not just a love story, it's more about dreams and despair, you won't get bored.

I'm a fan of Yasmine, but I think even if you are not a fan of her you will most likely love her in this movie. I think it's the best and most touching acting she has done so far. I have to warn you, this might sound silly, but if you're male, you'll probably fall in love with her when watching this movie!

Highly recommended - it's out on DVD, go watch it...

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Quite good!, 16 September 2004

This movie is quite good and exciting to watch... it is based on a book and as far as I know there was already a movie based on it before. It might not be the best TV thriller ever, but is suspenseful and keeps you interested in how the story moves on. Philippe Brenninkmeyer (who plays the Dr. Highley) is a very interesting actor and his performance is impressive. But more important - if you are an Angie Everhart - fan like me, you will definitely enjoy this movie. I'm glad A. Everhart does have the leading part in TV thrillers that often, as those are just the kind of movies I like to see, so I very much enjoyed watching "The Cradle Will Fall". "Highley" recommended :-)...