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a real surprise movie, 21 March 2001

Not knowing what to expect we were pleasantly surprised by this intriguing and clever movie. It will keep you guessing. Without giving away the plot, I will just say that Jeff Goldblum gets involved in another person's life.

Carmen on Ice (1990) (TV)
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An exciting skating movie with fantastic music!, 15 November 2000

This is one of the best versions of Carmen I have ever seen. The music is incredible. Katrina Witt is beautiful and plays the vamp to perfection. The skating is some of the best I have seen with every move adding to the story.

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It was like it was edited with a blender. B00 to Oliver Stone!, 7 October 2000

It hardly made sense from beginning to end. Sounds were used for effect that did not even make sense, On one cut of the coach's speech his mouth was not even open. The football scenes were all sound and you could not tell who was doing what. The daughter owner was dreadfully miscast. I hope I never see another Oliver Stone movie!