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Bravo., 7 November 2002

In the last 15 years or so, we have seen quite a few situation comedies (sitcoms) come and go. Some were excellent, some should not have lasted past their pilot. Amongst these, some enterprising people decided to not only make shows with humor, but with heart, and values, and an example of how a strong family functions (for those who may not have had the opportunity to have a good home life).

Boy Meets World is a show centered around Corey Matthews, following him from his jr. high to his college years. In Corey's world, there are many characters that support him, depend on him, and make him think about the world around him. These characters follow and grow with him through the years, helping to shape him in to the person he becomes when he is older. Of course, they also shape each other as well.

As Corey grows older, we see him travel through life with excellent companions. Shawn, his best friend, Topanga, his girlfriend, Mr. Feeny, one of his teachers, and of course, his family. Although the show is centered around Corey, all of these characters are explored quite a bit, though the show's main focus is the relationship between Corey, Shawn, and Topanga. Throughout the years, we see these three grow together, grow apart, triumph, and even fail a time or two. They learn how to take responsibility for their actions, and learn that their actions have consequences, good ones, and bad ones.

All in all, this show presents good values like love, family, and honesty in an entertaining and endearing way. Many thanks to the producers, writers, the actors, the characters we love so much.


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Unfortunately, I could only give Beauty and the Beast a 10... it deserves a 20., 2 October 2001

What a masterful work of animation and song. The best that Disney has ever produced. Walt Disney would be proud. His memory is honored in no truer way than with this spectacular film. An incredible story, which carries you along with Belle through first fearing and hating to loving and cherishing the Beast. Guided along by the beautiful music, the audience is enchanted with a story of sacrifice and true love. Bravo.

Tale as old as time... Song as old as rhyme... Beauty and the Beast

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Bet Bruce and Samuel are smacking themselves for being in this., 25 September 2001

Wow, what a terrible movie. By the time the movie actually started to get somewhere... they ended it. Excellent filmmaking, good use of colors and sound, but the plot lacked everything. Not terribly original, very, very boring, and poor use of such talented actors as Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

If you have not watched this movie, don't. If anyone tells you that it is good, don't believe them. Go watch something more entertaining, like perhaps the rain falling, or the paint peeling. Go park at a car wash for a couple hours. Anything but watching this.

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Crap in a can?, 14 December 2000

Wow, I remember going to this movie, being sooo jazzed to see it, it looked sooooo cool. Another excellent example of a movie whose preview is thousands of times better than the movie. What a horrible movie! Poorly made, poorly adapted, terrible acting, it doesn't get much worse than this. When is hollywood going to stop sending us drivel like this? What a waste of time! I want my $3 back.

The saddest part of this movie is the fact that there were so many children watching this movie... with the nudity and carnage, just what a little kid needs to see.

And to think that the original book for Starship Troopers was excellent... how sad.

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One of the best television series ever made. Period., 17 November 2000

How much more can I say? Gene Roddenberry took his wonderful Star Trek universe, and made it perfect... he made the Next Generation. Amazing, spectacular. From well written plots, to creative sub-plots, to excellent character development and interaction, Star Trek: The Next Generation blows away all other sci-fi shows in history.

"M*A*S*H" (1972)
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Pierce, Trapper, Hunnicut, Radar, thank you... we will miss you always, 22 August 2000

Without any doubt, this is the best show ever made. The writing is incredible, and the plots are very relevant to any society. Showing the worst of man to the very best of man, this show very well described the human condition. With deep drama, and good comedy, this show takes the audience through the ups and downs of life, while showing us the horror of war, yet leaving us with hope, knowing that there is good in humanity after all. The interaction between the characters is amazing, everyone becoming a family, and something wonderful being birthed in the midst of something horrible: war. Yet, even with the anti-war message, they refrain from bashing on soldiers (as most anti-war people tend to do) and they express pride in the bravery of them, while hating the need to fight.

All in all, this is the best show ever made, and I am deeply sorry that it did not run a few years longer.

The Abyss (1989)
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Deep within the darkest waters of the ocean, greatness is the Abyss., 22 August 2000

This is one of the best movies ever made. Top 2. Never has a movie been made with such an incredible plot, excellent special effects, perfect casting, and a beautiful love story. This movie is pure genius. Masterful in story, sweeping in scope, this movie takes the audience through despair, love, hate, desperation, and true courage. Using special effects to support the story, rather than special effects BEING the story, the producers made an epic that outshines all others.

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fantastic dancing, great movie, lots o' fun, 22 August 2000

I very much enjoyed this movie. The dancing was excellent, and the comedy was very funny. The way the combined different elements of comedy with a non-sexual romance (thank you!) was excellent. Finally, a good movie, with a good romance, and where the main characters don't just go and jump into bed together. Excellent movie, I highly recommend it!