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Who doesn't love pies in the face and messy bare feet?, 11 October 2005

This is a show that will go down in history forever. It was just a simple show that kids loved to watch and loved to go on. I loved the fact that they made sure kids were always in bare feet on the show and had them walk in bare feet through oil and stuff because kids love having messy bare feet. The gags that included dumping cakes on people and smashing pies in kids' faces were great too because they would just get covered in pie and if they asked, would be allowed to mess their bare feet up in it which is great because, again, kids love messy feet. And that's the other good thing about it, is because it was so low-budget, you could easily do these things at home, getting whip cream pies smashed in your face and walking in bare feet through mud. The host, Ray Combs, was amazing too. What a great show. One to be missed.

Idle Hands (1999)
Amazing movie, but...., 6 November 2001

This is a very funny movie from start to finish. It is very interesting how the actors interact with the hand. I like how Devon Sawa did very well manipulating his hand the way he did. I notice in films and on TV that actors sleep with their socks on. I like the way that Devon slept in bare feet and put his bare soles on the table for us to see. They were dirty bare feet which was also realistic because after walking across the floor, your bare soles do get dusty. I think an added piece of humor would have been if someone popped up and smashed a pie onto Devon's bare feet. It would have been interesting to see him react to his bare feet being covered in pie. I think Seth Green should have been in his bare feet in his house too. All in all, this was a good movie.

Improv All Stars (2001) (TV)
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This was one funny show!, 14 October 2001

I watched this show when it was replayed on Showtime and it was the funniest thing I have seen. The best thing was at the end when Brad announced the world's most dangerous improv game. The players had to walk across the stage in bare feet and not step on the mousetraps. It was so funny when Bard said "Bare Feet!" I think if they wanted to make it funny, they should have used cream pies instead of mousetraps and still had them walk in their bare feet and step in the pies. It would have been enjoyable to see Drew and the other guys bare feet covered in messy pie. All in all, this was a good show.

Hook (1991)
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Very good movie (Careful, a couple small spoilers are coming), 4 October 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I liked this movie a great deal. I enjoyed the actors performances a lot and I am glad to see such great actors in these roles. The story is well done as well with all of the original cartoon's aspects as well as some new ones. My favorite scene in the movie is where they're all at the table eating their imaginary supper. That is, until Peter starts a huge food fight. That's why it's enjoyable for kids because they all end up getting pies in the face and getting messy. I liked how they even threw pies at Tinkerbell. And it always makes me laugh to see Tinkerbell's bare feet get covered in messy pie and then she slams her bare feet down in the mess. I also find it hilarious when all of the cake and mess squishes up between her toes. Even Robin Williams stands in the mess on the table in his bare feet. I like how actors will do lots of stuff like this. This is a very good film.

They're a real family, bare feet and all!, 2 September 2001

This show is very realistic. I especially like how all of the characters act like real members of an average family. They all seem like they ARE part of a family. I also like that they don't always stay in their shoes like on other shows. They walk around in bare feet and the actors aren't afraid to take their shoes and socks off and show their bare feet and soles on camera. All in all, this is a very realistic show.

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Great show for kids!, 7 July 2001

This is a great show and i hope it sticks around for a long time. It teaches kids many different things about science and uses things that they find enjoyable and fun to watch. For example, on the dinosaurs episode, they had two kids put their bare feet in paint to make footprints on love to get their bare feet very messy! On the momentum episode, they had pies thrown at Bill's face. I don't know anyone who doesn't like getting a pie in the face! Kids like to walk around in bare feet also, and in one episode, these two guys were in their bare feet and they fell over in their chairs so you could see their bare feet. It was great. I really like how this show relates to kids. Kids love it and I hope it's around for a long time!

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Best Nickelodeon Show Ever!!!, 21 November 2000

In my opinion, this was the greatest Nick show ever! It was also probably the most interactive. All of the kids and families chosen to do the stunts were picked right from the audience. Stunts ranged from many different things, but almost all of them were messy. And about 80% of the messy ones included pies. At the end of each show, a few people from the audience would come up on stage and either get to perform a task or get sent to some sort of machine to get many pies in the face! Some of the stunts included stomping grapes in your bare feet to make grape juice. Touching outrageous animals or eating something gross. My favorite pie contraption was the pie slide. If you were to go there, Mark, (the host) would always tell you first to take off your shoes and socks, so you were in bare feet and go down the slide either feet first or face first into a huge pie. The reason you had to be in bare feet is because they didn't want to replace your shoes and socks. They always said that. Anyway, Your entire body would be covered in whip cream. I always wanted to do it. I hope that they bring this show back to Nick with new episodes!