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Kids can't get enough of this one
13 August 2007
We've gotten our two boys, ages 2 and 1, a lot of Miyazaki's anime. Some of them didn't even come with English tracks or subtitles, but that hasn't stopped our kids from clamoring to see them again and again. Sometimes in the same day. While they both like Howl's Moving Castle, The Cat Returns, and Spirited Away, this is their favorite, by far. They hear the theme start and they squeal with delight. Until we got the English-dub, they were starting to sing the theme song in Japanese.

The story is easy to follow, the characters are easy for kids to identify with, and the Totoros are just delightful. The only downside of this movie, in my opinion, is that the English musical soundtrack doesn't have Sonya Isaac's "Hey Let's Go!," which is our favorite song in the film. I haven't found this song yet as an audio file and I know my kids would get a kick out of hearing it in the car.

Can't recommend this movie highly enough. I've easily seen it over 100 times and still haven't tired of it myself.
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Lost Comedy Classic
15 June 2004
This movie is hysterical, from its depiction of what the American west must have looked like to an outsider to its terrific Jewish guilt and humor, although it does have a lot of "insider" Jewish humor. That's not to say it can't be enjoyed by non-Jews, as well, but a familiarity with Jewish culture definitely makes the movie more enjoyable. Wilder is at his funniest and Harrison Ford is charming as a side-kick, a role I wasn't accustomed to seeing him in. Watching Ford succumb to Jewish guilt--even when it means freezing his butt--is fantastic. My apologies to Blazing Saddles fans but I think this is way funnier. And it didn't even have to rely on fart-humor.
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The Rapture (1991)
(Wo)man's anger against God
14 June 2004
Yeah, the acting isn't the best, but I loved the storyline in this. And if David Duchovny isn't enough reason to watch this film (it was for me), watch it for an interesting take on man's ever-present struggle with God over loss and tragedy. Mimi Rogers plays a woman who is so hurt and angry at God over the tragedies that befall her that she risks eternal damnation rather than accept God's will. I was struck by this movie because her character goes through a struggle most religious people experience at some point in their lives.

I wish this film was available on DVD. It's a good one to watch and discuss afterward.
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Great entertainment
11 March 2004
Forget every pathetic, dreary porn documentary you've ever seen, this is Ron Jeremy we're talking about and it is as fun and interesting as the man himself. Yes, it's a great look the biz details and yes, there are the occasional glimpses of the body part that helped make Ron famous. But the real heart of this documentary is in the day-to-day look at a nice guy who got a really nice break in an unconventional profession. Ron isn't John Holmes with an arrest record and HIV-status; he isn't Annabelle Chong, whose family felt disgraced by her adult film work. Ron's family is proud and supportive and he's made some smart choices. Ron is what's good about the industry.

Highly recommend the DVD for it's deleted scenes, some of which are really funny. And if you ever have the opportunity to meet Ron, do so! He's great. (Although, ladies, his hands tend to wander when he's giving autographs....not that that was a bad thing...)
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See this documentary!
14 March 2002
I had the good fortune of meeting Ron Jeremy when he was in town to show this documentary. Not only was he a really nice guy, but the documentary was just wonderful. Funny, sad, insightful. I really like that they didn't just promote Ron, they definitely show the good and the bad and some of his friends are just as brutally honest in their opinions as some of the folks interviewed who are not fans. At the end of it, I just wanted to give Ron a hug and be his friend, maybe buy him a drink. I can't wait for this film to be on DVD.
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The Specials (2000)
Specials better than Mystery Men
13 November 2001
It's too bad this film went straight to video after the way Mystery Men performed at the box office because this is a much better film. What makes it so funny: superheroes that aren't too super and the way it shows how difficult it is to be a little different. Alien Orphan alone is a reason to watch the film, but all of the "superheroes" are great in this. Days later, we're still laughing over the dance scene at the club. Perfect movie for a boring Saturday night with friends.
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