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Restitution (2011/I)
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How dare you, sir......, 15 April 2012

The man who produced and starred in this film is a joke. He took decent actors (Et Tu, Bill Sadler?) and gave them some terrible lines to read. Then he had the audacity to put himself in the lead when he has no talent. There are PLENTY of better actors in Michigan than him. But instead of caring about the CRAFT of film-making, he just wanted to fulfill his fantasy of having Mena Suvari play his girlfriend. Mark, when Tom Arnold out-acts you, you need to WISE UP. I am begging you to stop making films. Seriously, your money could be spent on something so much better. Everything about this film is horrible: the special effects, the "action," the cinematography, and the music. The best you can hope for is that the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 crew will get a hold of this and give it the thrashing that it deserves.

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If you can find it, see it!, 7 May 2005

Especially if you love horrible movies. When I first started watching it, all I could say was "I hope there's a dance sequence in it." Imagine my delight when not ONLY did the two main characters dance, but the main ghost began break dancing as well. AND on top of THAT, Sherman Hemsley sings the break dance song (not to mention the theme song). It makes me a little sad that he went broke because of this movie, but I've never liked him as an actor and he really should have known better. Not even the director would take credit for this movie (and you should check out some of the other films he directed!).

One note of warning, though, the writer seemed to really like jokes about the, um, male lower regions. For example, one of the characters discovers a book called "Groins of the Darker Species." I am not kidding. And that, to me, is the most disturbing part of the film. Other than that, find the most obscure video rental store in your town, get the movie, invite all your friends over, and laugh until you cry with Ghost Fever.

Six Weeks (1982)
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Terribly underrated, 22 June 2002

Some critics saw this movie as tedious and contrived, and the first time I saw this movie, I agreed with them. But upon my second viewing, I noticed something: The performances are brilliant. The lead actors broke one of the rules of romantic movies (the man should always be taller than the woman), and it gave a sense of realism to the movie that was refreshing. Dudley Moore is an incredible actor, and this is a must-see for any die-hard fans. If you feel disappointed after you watch it, wait a few months and watch it again, you'll be glad that you did.

Truly an original, 6 May 2002

When the X-Files first aired, many people discarded it as another Twilight Zone ripoff to be viewed only by sci-fi nerds. I thought this too, but then I actually watched it. Not only did it intrigue me, it consumed me. I was only 11 at the time and at first it was simply my interest in the paranormal. But then it became a sort of ultra intelligent, sci-fi soap opera that I couldn't stop watching. The superior writing, directing, and acting were the anchors that kept the show successful for 9 years. At no point in the show's run did I think "Gee, they're really running out of ideas." And the feature film was an absolute treat for fans and non-fans alike. Chris Carter struck gold here, and not just because it's a sci-fi show. Each episode is a 60 minute movie, complete with dynamic character development and suspense. I've grown up with this show. I feel very much a part of the drama that Mulder and Scully have gone through, and I hope that, through reruns, generations to come will be able to experience the journey as I have.