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Sarah/Serra Palin/Paylin takes care of it., 7 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is the best adult parody, since Maddam's Family. The movie centers around the hopeful Republican Vice-President Sarah Palin. Hustler provides five scenes of parody goodness interlaced with parody. My only regret is that the last scene should have it went wild, held back. Who's Nailin Paylin? starts with an intro scene with her(Lisa Ann) and two Russians at her house. Dopey Dialogue is used in this scene to start it and throughout the movie. Next, Serra is receiving word help from her intern with no success, so Serra goes to sleep. Intern(Holly West) begins role play and back door policies with Serra's husband. Some O'Reilly parody is shown in the spaces between some scenes. Third scene starts with Serra laying completely naked, save for a Ms. Alaska banner covering her. She keeps mentioning skeletons in the closet and a memory of her and the Snow Mobile owner having fun. Serra remembers her days back in school learning about the world. The teacher shows a young Serra(Sindee Jennings) in tongues life. My previously mentioned O'Reilly scene starts now and is pretty funny although a little long. Mike Horner plays this non-sex scene very funny and this is a link to the fifth and final scene. How do you end a movie of political kitty, but with a press conference/speech opening. She mentions briefly all the former scenes showing the males and females watching it. After the press conference, the camera pans down to a lady pleasing Serra down south. It is none other than Nina Hartley playing Hilly/Hillary Clinton. Hilly asks why does she have to bi-partisan, she would rather be Bi. Lisa Ann/Serra gets the clue and goes behind the curtain to a backstage couch. The scene continues with kissing and clothes coming off, when suddenly Condi/Condilezza Rice(Jada Fire) interrupts the love. Serra and Hilly are worried, however their worries are set aside with her mentioning getting rid of her own sex video with Chaney, Bush, and others involved. They help her undress and disrobe themselves and kissing continues, toys are used, but no 69 or special lower kissing from Serra. Also no double fun or special rubbing, I thought O'Reilly was funny but was wasted time. The time from this scene and a director telling the females to let loose at the end was definitely needed. Definitely worth buying, sorry the previously mentioned Obama scene is not on the movie only on the Hustler site. Please Hustler make a sequel with more fun with the ladies or other adult sites make an all girl feature. Contact me companies if you need an idea for a script I have one, but it is an all-girl feature. My e-mail is

Lowball (1996)
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Low-Budget but pretty good, 11 September 2003

Yes this is low-budget, but there are many movies out there that are made with very little money. No, it may never receive any oscars, but it is a great cop movie and a little comical by showing some bad thing s that can happen in one person's life. I agree with the previous reviewer that the voices were unclear, but do not blame the actors for that is post-production's fault for not making their voices clear enough.

Hard Drive (1994)
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A wild ride down the computer highway, 6 July 2002

Meets a woman via the computer and bad things happen. This is a long winded but definently worth the ride trip. Many twists and turns and some very hOt scenes. The "o" is capitalized because these scenes steam and you will need some ice to cool off with. Only for adults has some very adult themes throughout. A must see ...

Wolf Girl (2001) (TV)
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A waste of film and great actors avoid at all costs, 27 June 2002

This movie is sick in all manners and was definently a job that a great actor like Tim Curry would not choose. I watched it from beginning to end and thought that it was just a cheap way to make money off of people with imperfections. The characters are lousy and the idea of this movie is archaeic. It was neither scary entertaining or worth the time to watch. Lesley Ann Warren and Tim Curry have done far better movies than this piece of bull. This movie should be avoided at all costs.

Corrupted (1973)
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A wild ride through the world of being corrupted, 2 June 2002

This movie starts on a hot key and keeps going. The story is about corrupt people and has lots of sex which is just wild. The picture's lead actress makes you feel compassion for her and a love story of sorts builds up. The nurse character in this movie is steaming and I just wanted to participate in her enjoyment. The ending is right and wraps up the whole movie perfectly.

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A wild look and wanted look at Bond, James Bond, 1 May 2002

Robert Donovan portrays a bond knockoff and boy did he do a great job. I think the whole cast was tops in their portrayals and I give them two thumbs up. The plot is taken right out of a bond movie except instead of a man taking over the world a woman of unparalled fire is bad. The sex is hot and the plot keeps up very nicely. I do not want to mention anything about the movie because it would kill it for the viewer. This is in the line of the click or clicker series of pictures and it outexcels "the ultimate attraction." But, I advise still seeing that movie and a older movie called "The Turn on" This is a combination movie for the single guy or group of guys and for the couple. Humor, thrills, and sexual situations are abound.

Bare Witness (2002) (V)
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A fire hot thriller that zings you to think, 24 April 2002

This movie is another example of a hot thriller that keeps you guessing to the end. Some hot scenes from all the actresses a wild and crazy ride watching this movie. But I do not advise this for the entire family(young children) because of the adult nature of the movie.

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A hot and wild take on the famous movie, 27 February 2002

This funny version consists of three horny women(astronauts) who fall upon this planet in the most peculiar way. Jokes about the movie are thrown around in addition to some very hot and wild scenes. This is a don't miss cannot tell you anymore for fear of ruining a great time.

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A wild comedy with sexual situations, 24 February 2002

This movie is not for children to begin with, but instead it is for couples looking for a great sexual comedy. Fanny reminds me in this movie of Goldie Hawn and her husband reminds me of Tim Conway. I think the best way to explain this movie is that it is a wild jump from country to country with crazy adventures and hot men and women. A kind of Monty Python and Benny Hill comedy hour with lots of crazy ideas and situations. A must see for couples and anybody wanting a great movie night.

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A dead fish of a movie, 15 February 2002

Have you ever been to the dentist? If you answered yes to this question and I hope everybody does answer yes, than you have a sneak peek into this movie. The movie drills into the bad acting of very annoying actors and actresses. The director must have had a lot of money to waste on film because this movie is an endless drowl of boring arguments and centers around a tease of a girl. The movie involves four characters who are out at sea-----------------------------the punctuation is because the movie wastes almost every minute out at sea. I have seen great ocean adventures in the big screen this is not one of them. I sound very cynical but I wanted to see this movie like another reviewer mentioned but this movie sucks(lousy) and should be missed at all costs.

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