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7 días (2005)
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Argggg..., 9 October 2006

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Why? That's just the question, why somebody gave this people the money to shoot this "film"? Why U2 let them use their music? Why someone actually believes that Jaime Camil could be an actor? Why does this piece of **** exists??... There is a wave in Mexican cinema. They are shooting easy going plots to raise money. But they have two problems: one, the stories are simply awful, and therefore they are wasting some great stories about our country, plots that are waiting to be told...Siete Días is probably one of the worse movies of all time...and nobody seems to notice that... Why? i have no idea...i just want to go to a movie theatre in my country and watch good stories, about our cities, our towns, our people. There are exceptions, of course, but in general, we are wasting the opportunity to tell the great story of actual Mexico... What a Shame...Shame on Fernando Kalife, Shame on the Producers...

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Fantastic Film.., 17 November 2005

This not an easy picture. It requires Patience and commitment. It's a poetic movie about the urban heaven. About real people. About love and about madness. Reygadas is truly an author. He turns a conventional history in to a great ride through emotions, feelings and in to the overwhelming city of Mexico. Either you love it or hate it, no one comes out of the theater without a comment or a reaction. The movie has the power to move you in a positive or in a negative way. And i guess that something to be thankful about. Mexican films, in recent years, are mostly easy going urban comedies. This totally different. A prove that we can make different stories that reflect the sometimes surreal life of our country. This is one of them. With no professional actors, the movie feels honest and. The cast it's in a very natural level. The Sex scenes are not as important as they seem. Sex is finally a part o who we are, and we are use to see great bodies making love on the screen. It's not easy to see real people doing it, because we may see ourselves in them. And when someone throws your reality at your face, you can hate it. But Batalla En el Cielo does that and even more: Takes that reality to another lever and turns it in to poetry. And that it's just fantastic.

21 Grams (2003)
Wow.., 22 November 2003

This film has something that makes it unique: It can touch your heart. This a film made for smart audiences. Matrix fans for get it, this is not for you. 21 grams it's a terrific film about love, compassion, death, truth, God, and those thinks that makes life a fanstastic and unique journey. A journey trough the unknown. A piece that requires the comitment of the audience. Sean is probably the best actor of our times. Ha has a great timing. Benicio del Toro is also at his best, and Naomi Watts eats the camera with a powerful performance. I agree, we will be hearing of 21 grams in the next academy awards ceremony. go and watch this movie, you won't be dissapointed.

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FANTASTIC, 10 October 2003

A wonderful one of the best pictures i have seen this year. In this film you can find love, action, and a great history about the fight to survive. Worth to see, and i can wait to get the DVD.

10 out of 10

Nicotina (2003)
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Average as most recent mexican films., 10 October 2003

There is a problem in the mexican film industry: the mexican directors and producers are filming basically light comedies. Their main goal is to recover their investment, they think that comedies with a simple plot is the best way to bring people to see their movies (and pay for a ticket to do it) So, most of the recent mexican movies are comedies and most of them have a great technical realization but with a poor argument. And off course, the actors are repeating the same characters over and over again.

Nicotina is just another urban comedy. As simple As that. The film hasn't any improvement at all. The plot, and the situations are very familiar with some previous films like "Todo el Poder" or "Ciudades oscuras" Here in mexico we're waiting for a breakthru motion picture, with a good and trascendental plot...Since "Amores Perros" or "Y tu mamá también" the mexican films are just the same.

nicotina is 6 out of 10.

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A great mexican movie!!, 20 August 2002

A fantastic movie!!. It shows that priests are as humans as the rest of the people. It controversial, but some times reality is like that. I love it. The screenplay is fantastic very well written and Carrera's vision of the mexican little towns is very real. The production design is amazing, and the actors are really good. This movie will be in many festivals around the world, and i'm sure that will win some important awards. Go and watch it!! one of the greatest mexican movies.