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The Three Stooges (2000) (TV)
Stooge Justice, 20 January 2016

Although the production value and the acting is great, the story- line keeps this movie from being great. Any die hard fan of the Three Stooges will want to watch this, but most fans will be left disappointed with how bad this movie got the story wrong. With what they could produce in under 2 hours, the movie showcases a multiple bio picture with thirty years of show business history thrown in. Still, how the Stooges are depicted and how history is depicted, leaves the audience the argument to disagree with every scene in the movie. Curly's health is touched upon, but his redemption as a Father and Husband is never discussed. Larry's back-story is hardly shown. This makes the movie central focus being Moe Howard. Still, much of Moe's background is never talked about. His depiction of a "has been" after the 1950's short series was far from the truth. Moe Howard was never un-employed or ever retired. The movie gets this wrong since Moe Howard was always working most of his professional career. In the end, the issue of money, fame or importance is never resolved. It is important that the movie mentions how bad the Stooges were treated by the Studio, but we never get to see the Studio's side to the story. The movie does show the human side to the Stooges which is good. Then again, depicting Shemp as a wimp and Joe Besser as a jerk is far from the truth. This is a fictional depiction of the three stooges and far from an accurate depiction of how these men truly were. Then again, compared to the 2012 Comedy the Three Stooges, this movie is much much better.

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MacGyver on Mars, 15 January 2016

If you are not a fan of MacGyver, this two hour plus movie is going to feel like five hours. Other than some moments taken from Mission to Mars, Apollo 13 and Gravity, Matt Damon plays Robinson Crusoe on Mars. If you believe that millions of devoted fans of NASA would flood Time Square to find out if this movie will have a happy ending, then you can believe anything. If you love the science and math behind space exploration, the Martian is a marvel. If you like your space odyssey to have aliens, laser fights and chase scenes, this movie is not for you. Unlike Sam Rockwell's Moon, Matt Damon is not completely alone. Half the movie is Matt only while the other half is filled with a colorful cast that you often see in comedies. Overall, the movie helps you to smile from time to time but is far from a comedy...or a musical.

Steve Jobs (2015)
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Steve Wozniak, 14 January 2016

Hollywood has given us five major motion pictures about an asteroid that is going to hit the Earth. Much like that plot line, I strongly believe Earth has enough movies about the life and times of Steve Jobs. Whether he be a madman or a genius, the audience has enough stories on Steve Jobs in their library. Aaron Sorkin brings us another well written "West Wing" quality script where people are walking and talking while taking and walking. Much like the movie depicts a sold out audience time and time again to applaud everything and anything that is and was Steve Jobs, movie's like this have a devoted fan base of fanatics that will wait in line for hours for an "App" that they do not need. Steve Jobs is at times entertaining and informative while also being empty and pertinacious. Time and time again the audience is asking the question, Why? Even with a good back story of why Jobs left Apple and why Jobs was the way he was, the movie leaves us asking time and time again, Why Why Why? Why do we need another Steve Jobs movie? Why are we showcasing the life and the man: Steve Jobs? And why do we not give Steve Wozniak the credit that he deserves?

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More than just a Foot, 26 December 2015

On the surface, Finders Keepers is an odd and funny look into the lives of two interesting characters from North Carolina who fight over the ownership of a severed foot /leg. Although entertaining, this documentary is much more than just an out of the ordinary situation. The deeper we get into the background of the story and its characters, we witness a struggle for fame, forgiveness and family. Issues of drug addiction and childhood trauma appear as we see a deeper story that deals with regrets and poor decisions that have created a major journey that both characters travel through. An uplifting ending helps bring closure where it is much needed. Still, the odd scenario which Finders Keepers showcase, may not find a larger audience that this documentary deserves.

A Beautiful, Expensive and Important Disappointment, 16 December 2015

Once Upon a Time in America is the perfect example of a Hollywood film that he hate to love. An obedient film lover will make a list of many reasons why this movie is great. Why it should be on your list of movies to watch and why it should be considered an important work of cinema can be debated and defended time and time again. Still, many will agree that the movie falls short in many ways to be considered a classic. Fans and critics will both agree that Once Upon a Time in American will easily confuse its audience without hardly any trouble. A period piece that jumps around from decade to decade will alone make the time-line confusing to any audience. Throw in character motivation and you have a roller coaster of confusion and endless questioning. With a blockbuster cast of some of the most talented names in Hollywood, and a legendary film maker, it's hard to acknowledge that the end result would be anything less that great. With Once Upon a Time in America, it is just that. Many will support the imperfectness that the movie is by showcasing the several different edited versions and why the final version came to being. Then again, whether or not each version tells a different story, the overall structure of the story still remains. No matter if we have 3 hour or 6 hour version, we are still left with empty characters from the very beginning. With all its faults and mystery that both versions have, the plot, the theme and many of its characters have holes. The potential Once Upon a Time in America had with its reach as a cinematic triumph, falls short from anything spectacular. What could have been one of the best 'American' films, falls among the many mobster flicks which does not do this movie justice. Although the cons do outweigh the pros, the movie holds up with many moments of beauty.

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Would you Laugh without the Laugh track?, 5 October 2015

If you like annoying comedies, this is the show for you. Very predictable punch lines are thrown at the audience time and time again. The talented cast tries to echo a "Friends" quality but falls short in every area. These are not the same actors not are they the same characters. Annoying beyond belief, if it wasn't for the laugh track, the audience at home would hardly smirk at most of the jokes being told. Comparing this show to Fox's "Roc" back in the early 90's, it too needed to redefine itself by making the show live. Although Roc had a great cast, it also fell short because of competition from other networks. This show is a dime a dozen. If there is nothing else to watch, you may want to consider having this show play in the background on your television while you are reading a book or playing on your laptop. Nuff said.

Black Mass (2015/I)
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Characters without Character, 3 October 2015

Although I enjoy short movies, this 2 hour film needed to be 3 hours in order to work. Much of the movie is spent introducing characters who are quickly killed off or disappear before the audience gets to know them. The back story for movies such as The Departed helped the audience see the progression of the movie's characters to help them see the motivation of why and what the character is all about. We see the roles played by Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio well defined before we even see the opening credits. We see their past, where they came from, and home they were motivated to become the people they were. Black Mass fails at this miserably. We are introduced to many characters in such a short period of time. Each time, the audience easily looses track on who the main character is because we jump around to so many different people. For example, the movie starts with introducing Kevin Weeks. We start to take a journey with this character in the third person and then quickly leave this character completely to meet more characters. This is a story about James 'Whitey' Bulger. Then again, we spend more time with John Connolly only to loose any connection on what makes either one tick. The audience sees Whitey experience the death of many of his loved ones, but we do not see or hear of anything prior to the movie that would explain who and what he is and how he became that way. The same goes for Connolly's motivation. Just because he's from the neighborhood does not clearly define his motives, let alone his bond and loyalty to Whitey. The side story of the relationship with the Bulger Brothers fall short. The 800 lbs. elephant in the room is not really talked about as the two characters hardly share any screen time. Also, Black Mass does not have a single positive female character. Each is either limited in what they can bring to the story let alone a victim. Leave it to 4 male writers to fail at writing anything positive for a woman. Sadly, Black Mass is one of the best performances Johnny Depp has had in over ten years. The period piece of Boston / Miami in the 70's and 80's is great. The overall story of Black Mass is interesting, but falls short. The reason is simple. The main character is never defined. Although Whitey Bulger is the main star, we spend less than half the movie away from him as we are bored with side stories that are connected but have no connection with the audience. Black Mass could have been great, but did not have enough time.

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A Must for All Tom Baker Fans, 3 October 2015

This 50 minute story is part fiction part documentary and all entertaining. Tom Baker stars as himself as well as the man known as Tom Baker. Doctor Who without the Tardis and his scarf, Tom Baker is the Narrator, the subject matter, the Interviewer as well as the Man on Bicycle and Man in Jeep. All together, we get a glimpse of the many sides and many stories of what makes Tom Baker......He. Just watching him sip his wine and eat piece of cheese as he talks to us is an original treat. Even for 1991, Who on Earth is Tom Baker is a fun and yet serious story about life, death, failure and accomplishments of one's life. Filmed very simply and somewhat low budget, it speaks volumes on topics of Baker's youth, his popularity and his focus on his twilight years. His mundanes of driving to town, walking through the grave yard and being alone with his thoughts, makes Tom Baker more real than ever.

Montage Makes the Movie, 26 September 2015

Being a sequel to a movie classic is almost a guarantee shortfall. Very few sequels live up to the original. Sylvester Stallone diversifies his portfolio by writing and directing Staying Alive. If you are a fan of Saturday Night Fever, or just the character of Tony, you will sit through and enjoy somewhat of Staying Alive. Much like returning to Narnia, you know the story, the characters and the world in which it all takes place. You the audience is somehow connected being familiar with the story long before the opening credits. Many fans will feel cheated because this is not Brooklyn, disco is dead and it's no longer the 70's. Staying Alive is everything early 80's with big hair, Don Johnson white suites, big hair, new wave music, big hair and leg warmers. Compared to Rocky 4, both movies are almost identical in length and the number of montages used. Both are 90 minute music videos, both stories are broken into segments of musical numbers, montages and one-on-one / face-to-face conversations with dialogue that tries to build up the development of the main character: Rocky & Tony. Finola Hughes plays Laura, a female version of Tony. Much like in Saturday Night Fever, Tony is drawn into a female conquest where sex is not all he is after. Looking to grow as a character and lust for the life that they portray, Tony once again is trying to prove to himself that he deserves it. Staying Alive is visually and artistically stimulating. This is not a Salvador Dali painting, but, it is far from a dull / standard film. Then again, it is not half the story that Saturday Night Fever told. In the end, the movie makes Travolta and Stallone look good with very little substance outside the visual eye candy. The story ends where its prequel began. Rejoice young man in thy youth, Tony struts throughout the streets of New York City looking for his next journey.

Beulah for President, 26 September 2015

The Beulah Show showcased a black servant woman who served her white family in early 50's suburbia America. She ate her meals in the kitchen and always kept in her place. She knows the answers, but nobody every asks her the question. This sums up her existence. The NAACP says Amos n Andy is racist toward African Americans. I will agree to a point. For both an audience member from the 1951 and 2015. Then again, let us ask ourselves the question, what is positive about the depiction of the African American in Amos n Andy? For starters, no white characters on the show call any of the black characters on the show N*gg*r. More importantly, no black characters call other black characters N*gg*r. That alone is evidence to the debate. What else does Amos n Andy showcase in 50's Harlem? We see a community of Black owned businesses. Black families that own homes and run organizations. Black lawyers, doctors, police officers and more. We do not see black pimps, prostitutes or homeless. No drug pushers and no ignorant servers. Black women are depicted as strong wives and mother-in-laws. They speak their minds and run the family. Does Amos n Andy showcase early African Americans as ignorant? Four of the characters are depicted as very gullible if not down right dumb. Andy, Kingfish, Lightning and Calhoun are easily depicted in a negative light. Then again, are they because they are black? I say no. Amos n Andy can be considered a negative depiction of certain black characters, but as a whole, there is a strong defense against this. The Christmas episode alone shows the early 1950's American audience that the "negro" was a proud, Christian, loyal and respected member of the modern community. Granted, people tuned in to see Andy being taken advantage of time and time again by Kingfish as they both mispronounce words as they show their ignorance and lack of character. Then again, twenty years later we saw this in Archie Bunker in All in the Family. Many traits in Kingfish can be seen in Archie Bunker, Ray Barone and Homer Simpson. Amos n Andy has left a significant mark in American television. It showed its early audience that Blacks could act. It stood the test of time while other "white" sitcoms have disappeared with lack of an audience. Its story line, subject matter and characters are still entertaining. I see Amos n Andy as a milestone. Was it racist? At times. But a more important question one should ask is, was it influential? You be the judge.

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