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WCW Road Wild (1999) (TV)
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Terrific. It changed my life!!!!!!!, 12 August 2000

I had been watching the repulsive WWF up until August 14, 1999 since the WWF had developed an "attitude". Because of the WWF's attitude, I had developed one as well. I was beginning to act satanic. When I watched Road Wild, I saw that this is much better than that other show I had been watching. It brought back memories of days past (1993-1996) when I watched WCW. It was such a relief to see Hulk Hogan in the red and yellow "hulking up". And to see Sting execute a "Stinger Splash". Just good wrestling. The WCW is not like the WWF's sexy, satanic, and sickening soap opera. But now, there is an idiotic writer that joined WCW that thinks that WCW should be a carbon copy of WWF, and I no longer am watching either product, but if WCW ever goes back to the way it was for Road Wild '99, I will definitely begin watching World Championship Wrestling again.