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A horror mystery with plenty of Laughs to go along with the suspense., 23 January 2001

This movie is classified under the horror and mystery genre, but you will find a lot of laughs to go along with the suspense. A true treasure, staring Laura La Plante as Annabelle West, Creighton Hale as Paul Jones, and my favorite Character, Mammy Pleasant played by Martha Mattox. A stoned faced woman who is anything but pleasant. This film is fun to watch, and you will find yourself riveted to your seat as the suspense builds. The sets are splendid for setting the mood and the whole movie is filled with wonderful visual effects. When you watch this 1927 film, you will notice horror gags that were passed down through the years in the movie and television mediums. Even Scooby-doo seems to have been influenced in one way or another by this movie.