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Interesting Movie and funny too !, 11 January 2001

Get nostalgic and watch this movie from 60s if you can find it. Vahida Rahmaan with her four uncles gives us a very funny romantic comedy. This movie can be compared to 'Dekh Kabira Roya". The music by Shankar-Jaikishen has variety ranging from Bhajan to Elvis style Rock and Roll.

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Avoid this movie unless you are a kid., 10 January 2001

Strictly made for kids below 10 as audience this movie is a corrupt copy of the Hollywood Classic "The Sound Of The Music". It fails to live up to the charisma of the original. Ajay Devgan is average. Kajol is okay and the kids can be annoying. 3/10

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This movie is a bakwaas Trash., 8 January 2001

This is the most corrupt copy of Hollywood Classic " The Sound Of The Music." Ajay Devgan is totally wasted in the role. The kids are annoying and look like artificial flowers made to look natural. Watching Rishi Kapoor proves to be a painful experience. kajol tries to save the movie but she can only be as good as a married Bollywood heroine is allowed in a movie ghost directed and acted in by her "Husband". AVOID IT. Watch the original "The Sound Of Music" instead.

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Beautiful Comedy Movie . . . ., 21 December 2000

Three artists fall in love with three girls. Simple right? Well not exactly cause every artist falls in love with a girl that could be right match for other artist and from here the movie takes off like a roller coaster ride. No stopping. Fun all the way. Manna De and Talat Mehmood have rendered fine gazals. All in all a must see with family friends and kids.

Ittefaq (1969)
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Extreme suspense and Thrill and seduction, 21 December 2000

Very good story. Very few actors on the screen. No songs and yet this movie is a great suspense thriller. Nanda looks very sexy in this movie. She is vulnerable and voluptuous. Rajesh Khanna is does a different kind of role. Overall a must see. Turn off the lights and enjoy.

Aaina (1977)
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Strictly Family drama. Treatment is very good., 20 December 2000

This is strictly a family drama showing sacrifice made by a girl for the up lift of her family. The direction is very very good and the story is in close touch with the realities of Indian families of early 70's. If you do not like a lot of emotions and crying, this may not be the movie for you. if you like to see India's culture of 70 this movie serves you right. If you like what you see, you may also want to watch Mumtaz in 'Upasana' and 'Khilona'

Warning : This movie has a mature (Adult) theme.

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Made from one of the most . . ., 20 December 2000

famous Marathi novel written by Sane Guruji; this movie is excellent though not as good as the reading experience itself. Watch it if you can find if on DVD or VCD. The quality of the film suffers mostly because of the poor print so be careful before renting it.

Anubhav (1971)
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A must see for every married person . ., 20 December 2000

Warning : This movie is not for mare entertainment so if you are looking for fun and action forget it but other than that this movie is a great experience. Listen carefully to the lyrics if all the songs, they say it all. The secrets to a good marriage are hidden in the story. And who said Rajesh Khanna was only a chocolate hero?

Manoranjan (1974)
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Very funny Adult Movie in Hindi., 20 December 2000

It's about a prostitute (Zeenat) and all the funny people coming in contact with her. The movie is actually better than it sounds here.Watch Sanjiv Kumar do comedy with the ease of an expert watch also for numerous characters as the move around on the screen. fun filled movie for grown ups.

Saudagar (1991)
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An entertaining fair made by Subhash Ghai who brings . ., 20 December 2000

. . .two giants of the Hindi film industry Dilip Kumar and Raj Kumar together on a screen. This movie also introduces Manisha who went on to become one of the most talented actresses of 90's. The story is not original but the music, dialogues and photography compensates for it.

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