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Passion for the film., 7 August 2000

Cyrano de Bergerac is an excellent film, perfectly adapted to the cinema by its screenwriters from Edmond Rostand's novel. It has action, rythm, poetry, passion. The emotional charge in every character drives you into an internal trip where your deepest feelings are touched, and your breathing is paralized by moments.

The tecnical supports are wonderful too: the music, the casting, the weardrobe, the make up, the different stages, the camera takes and its movements. Everything is submitted to the film, to the narration that the director pretends to show.

I would like to say that it is outstanding the performance of Mr. Gerard Depardieu in Cyrano's character. It is magnificent, really glorious. And about Mr. Rappeneau's work, I think that the director and his crew, have demostrated, with this film, that the cinema is the seventh art.

Thank you to all of them !!!