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Cliché love story with some genuinely funny vignettes, 14 October 2013

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*** warning: possible spoilers *** The main story line is not out of the ordinary and easily predictable. Back stories were quite entertaining such as pop band spoof and the relationship between the Boss (Alec Baldwin) and his sidekick Lonny (Russel Brand) who were completely comfortable with their masculinity, bravo! The camera movement gave me a headache and thought it was a pity because there was so much going on in the scene that I couldn't really enjoy. In which case I would say that the sets were excessive in that you couldn't really feast our eyes on because the camera was moving too much.

Songs bring nostalgia to the almost bygone era. Cameo's are adorable towards the end and the not-so-unexpected twist made it a 6/10 to me.

Bagets (1984)
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80s nostalgic trip, 13 February 2008

Finally I've watched this film after avoiding it since it came out (I was 11 years old then). I shunned it thinking it to be corny. Instead, I found it quite entertaining. The comedic script is classic. There's not much plot in it. The adult subjects and conflicts are dealt with subtlety. The actors where impressive in the sense that there were all a natural, unlike the Pinoy movie stars of today who always seem to overdo their acting. I noticed too that the actors speak very good English. They don't sound trying hard (again like in movies of today). And I was delighted to see a whole slew of now-famous prominent comedians (Zorayda, Beverly, Dexter Doria, and many more that were not listed in the cast). I found the DVD at netflix, it was not the best transfer but I still enjoyed it.

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bleak start but builds up to a satisfying end, 18 December 2007

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I didn't have high expectations for this series to begin with. While it is true that the pacing is slower than As Time Goes By, and I didn't grapple too much on the dialogue as much as I did with ATGB. I found the pacing to just fit the storyline. The plot is not in a hurry to tell a dozen incidences of comic nature but rather delves on the inner psyche of a lonely person and how she is coming to terms with the reality and fighting her unhappiness. The storyline is simple, a middle-aged woman is divorced by her husband for another woman. She tries to make her single life work but is just too lonely to be alone. From moving in with her ex-husband and his lover and a very naggy mother-in-law to camping in her daughter's flat along with 4 other people to falling in love (or simply fancying the thought of "love") to a much younger man. In 4 episodes, we will see that it's not only Brigette (Judi Dench's character) that behaves badly. This little dark comedy series gives warmth and compassion to those who had been neglegted and had risen up to fight loneliness. And don't miss Joely Richardson who is absolutely incredible from her Nip/Tuck-sultry persona to playing this gawky, hypochondriachal pansy. A blast!

a typical pinoy melodrama for you, 26 September 2007

.... sub-plots are actually tight (rare for Filipino flicks) .... has some black magic involved .... Ding-Dong and Iza have pretty good acting skills .... the crying scenes are overdone, as always. I don't know why we Filipinos are so over-dramatic .... that incredibly ridiculous acting by Karille (Zsa-Zsa Padilla's daughter) as the irritating coquette, could she have played the role down a notch and it would have been more enjoyable .... Paolo Contis is very stiff almost abnormal, is he playing a psycho-maniac? If he had relaxed a bit it would have added a little dose of realism to his acting, his characterization is so unreal!

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not for the mainstream film viewers, 9 February 2006

I'll start my comment with my comments on the other comments :) The exaggerated blood spurts is of course ridiculous and I believe was meant to be. This is also what Monty Python parodied, not the other way around as others had put it. And why else would they not? It's transcendental! The actors looking like rockstars ... good thing it's vogue in the 70s and besides, the setting is the medieval period its fitting. What do they want, spikes and high crew cuts? And the complaint about the expressionless actors, I rather think that it is because the drama is in the emotions that the viewers feel for the characters.

And now for my film comments... maybe because I have such a penchant for the medieval period and familiar with the legend that I wholly liked it. And sure I found many symbolisms which I did not understand but I certainly did see the beauty. I loved the way it was filmed, the costumes, the speech, the passion... yes passion! For instance, Gawain/Guvain's devotion to Lancelot and yet remained loyal to the king. I didn't mind the repetitious cuts/editing style as I'm sure they have meanings for which I am still yet to uncover. And gladly I will.

The only complaint I have (yes, I also have a nit-pick but it's minimal *wink*) Lancelot looked a lot older than King Arthur. He's supposed to be this strapping man! Anyway, that is easy to get over with. This film is certainly something that I would love to watch again. Read PTA-fan's review and maybe you'll learn something you may have failed to see. I know I did.

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just saw it on TV, 2 December 2003

Great tribute to Nicole's acting career. They showed clippings from her past works. Many actors as well as directors she worked with provided accolades to her works. Towards the end of the show, she delivered a very heart-felt, humble speech of gratitude and praise for the arts and all the people that surrounds it.