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A beautiful film., 24 November 2000

This is a really beautiful film. Billy Connelly is tops and Sharon Stone again shows she can play a role vs. being a role. And the two kid actors! Wow, where did they find them?

Stone is wonderfully over and under played as the woman who life has dissed and who has no control over herself. Connelly is more than wonderful as the Irish immigrant who comes to love her, understand her and save her (and her children) from herself.

Watch it and enjoy it!

Witness Protection (1999) (TV)
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An 11 on the IMBD 1-10 scale., 9 November 2000

How could anyone say the characters were shallow in this movie? If the characters had any more depth, the viewer would drown in the emotions being displayed.

This film is the only one I have ever given a 10 to. It is filled with sturm and drang. There is more angst than one could imagine. The characters are drowning in their own stress and dysfunctionality. One reviewer said that Mastrontonio was shrill. She was not, but her character was and justifiably so. Can anyone view the argument (fight) between her and Bobby (Sizemore) and not feel how overwhelmed she is and how much she feels betrayed?

Everyone associated with this film has risen to the occasion and gives the performance of a lifetime. Kudos to the Director, Richard Pearce for so artfully staging the brilliant script written by Daniel Therriault. And, as for the actors, each performs brilliantly. Applause to Whitaker, Sadler, Shawn Hatosy (the son) and Skye McCole Bartusick (the daughter). In fact, as a psychologist, I wonder if Skye was slightly traumatized after the role was over, having to portray a 5 year old who has lost her ability to rely on the world and her family. She is fear personified.

Special hats off to Mastrontonio for a superb performance as the wife who stands by her man until he breaks the last straw.

Finally, what can be said about Sizemore's performance except it is MASTERFUL! His Bobby Bats makes Gandolfini's Tony Soprano look like an altar boy. Are he and Gandolfini secret twins, as it is hard now to look at one and not think of the other? The breadth of emotion portrayed by Sizemore show that here is a talent to notice. I thought he was good in The Florentine (see it), but this is superior by tenfold.

This is a giant of a film. Were it a commercially produced product versus one by HBO, I suspect it would have led to nominations for Best Actor and Actress, Best Suppporting Actor, Best Writer, Best Director and Best Film, that's how good this film is.

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Slice of live film is very true to life., 8 November 2000

This character study/slice of life story is very well done. The cast is stellar and each of them portray their characters as real, the kinds of people we have all met at some time as we wander through life.

It is the first time I have seen the two Madsens together in a film hope to see them team up again. Sizemore, Halbrook, Penn all team up to serve a slice of life to the audience that shows real life to us, with it humor, tragedy, comedy, pathos, hopelessness and hopefulness.

This is well worth the cost of the rental.

Blacktop (2000) (TV)
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Forget reality and enjoy., 21 October 2000

It is obvious that you are not to expect reality from this film. How many truckers ride a rig with nothing in the back but a kitchen & freezer for their kill? How many live for picking up stangers & killing them and yet are will known among their trucking field? How many decide to pick up a woman, bait her fellow and then play it out as if their were no such thing as the law and how many fools such as the hero would play this game without the police assisting them?

Regardless, if you forget about the inconsistencies and overlook the obvious, this is a remarkably enjoyable film. It has a girl in distress, a villain, a hero, and a girl who wants to help the hero. The girl in distress turns out to be the hero, the villain turns out to be stupid and suicidal, as he arranges his own demise, the hero turns out to be a hero thanks to his girl and the innocent aid turns up dead.

The movie belongs to Meat Loaf Aday (?). When did he become Aday? Anyway, I have seen him three times in a month. Once in the Outer Limits, the second time in Outside Ozona and the third in this flick and I must say I am beginning to believe this man can act far better than he ever sang. Give this film a look and see if you don't agree.

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Somebody please kill whoever wrote this., 18 October 2000

This parody, satire, comedy (?), or whatever, is as bad as it gets. It is a take off on Scary Movie. Although I have not seen it, the movie Scary Movie must be an academy award winner compared to this. The only reason I gave it a one instead of a zero is that it has some sight gags that are okay, but only okay.

I know this was to be a wannabe for the I knew movies and other slashers, but it is so lame! Any movie which stars !?! Tom Arnold and Tiffany Amber Theissen ought to be suspicious off the get go, and this one is.

Do not spend any money to watch this. Better you should watch paint dry. Root for the killer, but be aware it is a fruitless root as he is as inept as the rest of the cast. Also watch out for this mascaded as a film called, go figure, "Shriek iIf You Know What I Did Last Friday The Thirteenth," which gets the academy award for the longest and worst title in film history.

The Guilty (2000)
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Now you will know why Shakespeare said "we should kill all the lawyers.", 29 September 2000

I must disagree with the first evaluation of this film. I do not believe it is rank with bad acting. In fact, Sawa, Anwar and Pullman do an exceptional job, especially Sawa and Pullman. Pullman acts the part of the cold hearted, sleazy, me first lawyer as if he was a lawyer.

The plot use propinquity and serendipy to the extreme and this leads to the need to suspend belief. Regardless, this is a thriller, not an attempt to portray a story based on a real life situation and it does thrill. It is hard to guess who will take the fall, who will be saved from the long arm of the law and who really is good and bad, as each charachter has elements of being The Guilty. Pullman's fall is particularly ironic and leads the audience to root for the faithful wife who takes care of her man, even to the point of sending out his mail. Watch the film or that last sentence will mean nothing to you, but do watch the film as it is a good, solid thriller.

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This defines droll., 25 September 2000

If you want to know what people mean when they say the British are superb in creating droll comedies and you do not know what they are talking about, watch this movie! You also get the benefit of seeing a movie that gives new meanings to words like ironic, satiric, quaint, bucolic, whimsical and hilarious.

The three leads are superb, but watch for the secondary leads, such as the boss who gets the axe by his wife due to his being set up, or the husband who gets shot by accident and everyone is ecstatic or, best of all, the head housekeeper who is taking two or three years to break in her replacement.

Get it, rent it, do whatever you need to do to see it and laugh. Then sit around as I am with impatience waiting for the sequel.

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Wherever he is, Jim Belushi is loving this film., 20 September 2000

True, Jim Belushi, wherever he is, is loving this film and wishing it were he and not John Goodman as the costar. Get a life those of you who will not give this film its due because it is not the original. Hello! It can't be, this is, believe it or not, 17 years later and this film needs to be accepted for itself. And, it is a film that warrants acceptance.

The plot is flimsy, granted, but what plot did the original have but a similar flimsy piece of whimsy? This film has all that a music lover could want. It as blues, jazz, carribean, country, and on and on. If you are looking for a good time, rent this and enjoy Goodman and Ackroyd and the rest of the crew. This is a fun film and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves music, whether they saw the first film or not. In fact, in this reviewer's opinion, this is the equal, if not more so, of the first film 17 years ago.

Catchfire (1990)
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Hopper plus Foster = great chemistry!, 17 September 2000

As I said, Hopper plus Foster = great chemistry. These two make a great movie out of a plot that is absolutelu unbelievable. What hit man falls in love with his hit sight unseen? What hit falls in love with her hit man after a one night stand? What hit man has a helicopter set aside for just the right escape? What mafia boss has ten or more hit men who can't hit a one man target? You see, this is a plot that no one could believe in. But, no one cares, because you are so involved in the evolution of the relationship between the Hopper & Foster characters that you overlook or forgive everything else. These two are so powerful that they make Fred Ward look like a character actor.

This is a violent movie where the violence never seems to override the comedy/relationship/slice of life issues that the film portrays. Plus, you get to see Jodie Foster naked!?! Who would have thunk it? By the way, she has a very nice body.

I don't know how this movie has not become a cult favorite, but give it time. It is a gem!

PS Don't overlook a dynamite performance by Joe Pesci, who is not listed in the cast. Go figure.

Resistance (1994)
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Resistance is not futile., 14 September 2000

This beautiful little Australian film shows how a group of common people overcome an oppressive state & show that resistance is not futile. Against overwhelming odds these people arise to overthrow a group of sadistic military personnel who go beyond the letter of military law while enforcing a state of emergency in a grain farm town in the Australian outback.

The actors perform marvelously, to a person. The cinematography is beautiful. The violence unforgiving. The building of hope which replaces hopelessness paced properly and the ending poetic justice for all who would use their might to unjustifiably attempt to enslave others.

Get this gem and watch it and see if you are not as moved as was I.

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