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13 (2010/I)
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Snore-a-palooza, 27 December 2011

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I would give it a 1, but I will reserve that for movies that are as absolutely bad as I could possibly imagine. All the big name stars phoned it in on this one. WHAT'S WITH THE MUMBLING?! Does everyone have to mumble? Spit the gravel out before you give your lines. By the third round, I was rooting for them to shoot the announcer. Why was he standing on a ladder? I would have rated it a 6 if they had winged the guy. And where did that train come from at the end? There are no trains that clean in America! Great plan, Jason Statham. Get him on a deserted train and shoot him at a deserted station. Only in (somewhere that's not) America! This is the type of movie that I would have thought up while I was daydreaming in fifth grade. Strike that; third grade. It's an awesome candidate for MST3K. Where is Max Bialystock when you need him?