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Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are Golden!, 27 September 2011

I love this show. Will Arnett and Christina Applegate are hilarious as new parents adjusting to life after the 20-something party years. Will plays a stay at home Dad trying to stay sane while his wife becomes the primary breadwinner as a television executive for a talk show on the down slide, Ava. Ava (played by Maya Rudolph) is the shows one weakness. While Maya Rudolph is a fabulous actress, Ava is a one note character that makes the show somewhat awkward. This show is really unique. There have been tons of shows about families with lots of kids and parents that have been together for ages and there are lots of shows about young love, but what happens in between? This take on the family sit-com reaches to capture a younger audience, but is still likely to trigger memories in the 40+ demographic category. Check it out on hulu. I can't wait to see what's next.

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Completely Engaging, 3 September 2011

This has been a fantastic show! Twenty minutes flies by as you watch individuals come to seek out their hearts desire by making deals with a creature that could as likely be an angel as a devil. Tasks and deals begin to intertwine and form a cosmic game of chess, but the man in the booth at the end is merely keeping score.

Not only is this an engrossing series, but a masterful accomplishment of screen writing. The entire show is filmed from a booth in a diner. If someone had simply told me about this show I'd be convinced it couldn't work, but the concept of storytelling is given new life in this small screen format. Each contracted party returns to the diner to update the scorer of their progress and through their updates we learn how deals have gone horribly wrong or transformed into unforeseen joy. I cannot recommend this enough. I hope for more.

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an addictive show for some great entertainment, 15 January 2008

Buffy starts a little rough with shaky talent and a lot of raw actors but the story line is interesting enough so you watch. After a season of great looking eye candy the actors seem to get into the swing of things and the writing can really come out. While most shows only run for a few seasons it wasn't until probably the third season that this show really starts getting deep and grows into the cult phenomenon that it's become. (Definatly watch the first few seasons for the delicious fun.) The actors grow and even become frustratingly different at times. Joss whedon is no slump at good characterization. Which makes this show different from a lot of other series out there. As the series goes on it becomes darker and more complex (to be honest I almost wish the last season didn't exist) not because it was bad per say but just because by that time the characters have grown out of the fun loving teenagers we meet at the beginning and have turned into warriors. By this time you know what the shows basics are (girl fights vampire, learns life lessons along the way) but this show breaks the basics of other television drama and for that I give it a solid B, B+ perhaps.

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Wow- definitely not cutesy animation, 9 August 2007

This is one of those shows where you just aren't sure whether to love it or hate it but one thing is for sure. It's definitely not a children's animation. Decapitation, sexual fantasy, guns, jokes about the poor are just the beginning. This show is OUT there and i think i love it. But i recognize that it's crap. Like the 80's - it's terrible but god how we love to look back on glam rock and love ballads.

So basically, talking animals (a horse, an English bull dog, a monkey, a rat, and a sparrow) are created in a lab and set free by a misguided animal rights extremist. The animals then have to go from a life of luxury designed especially for them to one of utter poverty in a confused world where none of the other animals talk. They learn that meat comes from *gasp* other animals, That humans wont accept animals that talk, And that making money is harder than it looks. The rat has an over-sex-drive, The horse is an author, the sparrow is a wanna be singer cynic, the bull dog is a lady of breeding, and the monkey is a brain dead weirdo.

It's worth a couple episodes. You'll be in love, or so disgusted you have to turn it off or keep watching just to see what happens.

If you've never seen the original, 2 August 2004

I'm writing as a person who has never seen the original, so i cant compare it with the original but I thought it was pretty terrific movie. I cant say it's my favorite performance of Denzels but Liev Shrieber was great. It was a very intense movie about a mothers obsessive pursuit to put her son in the white house. A global technology center implants mind control devices into an entire military platoon to make them believe that one of there own (Shaw) had been a hero in times of trouble. Even Shaw himself is brainwashed into believing it. But the human mind prevails in the form of a R.E.M cycle. Only two members of the platoon are left alive to tell the tale- The Cptn. and Shaw- and it seems that The captains days are numbered The story unravels in a fast past mind blowing pace. I thought it was a great movie- I have never seen the original so am judging the movie by itself. It WAS a bit graphic in some parts so the emotional movie goer may want to give it a second thought or wait till it comes out on video but for those of you with a passion for thrilling dramas- this may be a great movie for you.