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Average movie, but for fans of the stars, a must see., 25 September 2000

The movie was slow action. At points, almost boring. But for someone who wants to see up-coming and major stars of this time period, this movie has many. From Ball, Skelton, Kelly, and even O'Brien, Mostel, and finally Tommy Dorsey and his band, this movie has the stars. A good sample of their earlier works.

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Average sample of the 1950's b/w sci-fi movies., 25 September 2000

The movie does keep your attention. Plus some general history about the radar systems in use during the fifties. Fact is mixed well with fiction. Just one of the many movies during the fifties that help "make" the sci-fi world what it is today.

Other movies like: "Earth VS the Flying Saucers", "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Them", plus a few others, all helped the sci-fi movies to build into today's special effect wonders.

A must see movie for the true sci-fi fan. Also, notice the acting by future Drake from the Perry Mason shows, and also, Peter Gun is in this movie. (William Hopper and Craig Stevens.)