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Mark Wahlberg leads cast of diverse talent in crowd-pleasing heist flick., 17 August 2003

It's funny how the same movie can spark such different opinions. While many people seem to have a problem with this movie, I think it's an above-average, entertaining popcorn-flick. The acting is good throughout. And the story twists and turns enough to keep you involved, while keeping up the pace. And special praise has to go to Edward Norton for putting in such a quality performance, considering the well-publicized quarrels he had with the studio. You would never know he did this movie against his will.

IMDb rating: 7/10

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In a word... Intriguing, 29 June 2003

Liking Arnold or not linking Arnold, liking bodybuilding or not liking bodybuilding, this seventies documentary is an interesting study of the discipline, willpower and guts it takes to succeed in a (let's be honest) rather extreme sport. The film shows the athletes as real people, not merely as empty shells of testosterone. And while some of the views expressed in the film are quite humorous, others are (surprisingly?) balanced and deep-felt.

Nice documentary. IMDb rating: 8/10

Lots of action - not much else!, 28 May 2003

I'm afraid it never really got to Joel Silver what made the original Matrix such a success at the box-office. At least, that's the impression you get when watching this latest installment in the franchise. See, what I really liked about the first film was that not only did it have some amazing action sequences, more importantly, it also had a great and wholly original script, offering a very intriguing world vision. "The Matrix Reloaded", however, fails to deliver equally on both fronts. Particular attention seems to have been paid to perfecting the visual aspects of the film -- and the results are impressive, I have to say. It just doesn't cut it. It cannot hide the fact that the basis of this film is a... well, pretty weak script. I definitely would have liked to see much more emphasis being placed on story, while cutting back on some of the action. That would have made for a much more engaging film -- catering to the MINDS of people, as well as to the EYES.

Rather than joining company with films like "Crouching Tiger..." and "Minority Report", this Matrix enters the "Blade"-category.


Chicago (2002)
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Newfound respect for Catherine Zeta-Jones., 8 April 2003

I must admit that prior to seeing "Chicago" I never really thought much of Catherine Zeta-Jones. OK, she did show some promise in "Traffic". So perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised that in "Chicago"… she is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! The same has to be said for Richard Gere and Renée Zellweger, who are equally superior as they light up the screen in this spectacularly entertaining razzle-dazzle of a musical!!!

IMDb rating: 8/10

Silly but ultimately gratifying... A Real Charmer!, 3 January 2003

Already a big fan of Reese I may have been biased going into to see this movie. Anyway, I found myself enjoying ‘Sweet Home Alabama' quite a lot. The movie is well-cast, with Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey being good, but not obvious, choices. Also the ever-so-graceful Candice Bergen is very good, supplying her particular brand of humor – as could recently be seen in ‘Miss Congeniality'. However, the success of the film can be attributed to the charm of the wonderful and witty Reese Witherspoon. She just has a certain charisma and sweetness about her that is so wonderful to watch that audiences somehow magically forget how trite the story really is. Certainly, only Reese can turn an otherwise mediocre film into gold at the box office.

IMDb rating: 7/10

Academy Award-winner Halle Berry!, 31 August 2002

I just returned home after watching this riveting motion picture. And what a cast! The always brilliant Billy Bob Thornton delivers an exquisite performance as the troubled corrections officer. And Halle Berry...! what can I say about Halle Berry. The level of sincerity and honesty, not to mention vulnerability, she puts into her role is just awe-inspiring, and definitely unequaled this year. For sure, a career-defining performance!

IMDb rating: 9/10

Cruise & Spielberg work magic in very 'matrixi' sci-fi thriller, 10 August 2002

Very intelligent sci-fi thriller that follows in the vein of The Matrix and Blade Runner. Tom Cruise is perfect as Detective John Anderton, chief of D.C.'s Pre-crime Unit, who falls victim to a set-up he struggles to understand. Also, rising star Colin Farrell, yet again, displays his talent as FBI agent Danny Witwer, who is brought in to oversee the Unit's work.

All in all, Spielberg has crafted a very stylish and modern film that challenges you to reflect on the future.

IMDb rating: 8/10

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Miscast lead heads a contrived story with a dull plot..., 27 February 2002

Sadly, Hallström's latest U.S. production is stripped of the poignancy that we have come to love and expect from the Swedish-born director. Unlike `The Cider House Rules', and to some extent `Chocolat', `The Shipping News' fails to capture its audience by presenting an intriguing and compelling story. Instead we are left with a pretentious piece of filmmaking with a contrived plot at its heart of one Mr. Quoyle's (re)-settling in rugged Newfoundland.

Besides, casting the talented Kevin Spacey in the lead role as the secluded ink-setter was a terrible mistake. He somehow seems phony. The rest of the cast fits the bill nicely, though. And the prolific Cate Blanchett is especially wonderful in the role of Quoyle's rebellious wife Petal.

IMDb rating: 5

Swordfish (2001)
Matrix for Dummies, 22 September 2001

To my mind, what makes the Matrix such a great movie is its unique blend of spectacular action sequences and very intriguing storyline. As for Swordfish, however, the action sequences ARE impressive but the story is somewhat lacking. The performances, though, are spot on... Cheadle is good, so is Jackman, and Travolta sparkles in the role of semi-psychopathic terrorist Gabriel. ...Berry? Well, she isn't asked to do much else than strut her stuff and look absolutely luscious in every scene. And in THAT she does succeed.

IMDb rating: 7

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"Ridiculous...!!!", 19 March 2001

It is hard for me to fathom that anybody would even think about comparing this Van-Damme League stupid man's suspense thriller to the superb and absolutely riveting Air Force One!!! Here's a thriller packed with action and edge-of-your-seat suspense. But THIS. what can I say. It is foolish and I feel sorry for Kurt who truly IS a great actor. Only see this movie if you like M:I-2, Passenger 57 and True Lies. Do NOT see this movie, however, if you prefer Where Eagles Dare, Das Boot and The Cider House Rules.

IMDb rating: 5

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