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Red Ink (2000)
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Great peruvian film, 26 October 2003

What a great film. It´s very interesting to see how great almost unknown films are so well done. Sometimes people don´t care about this type of films but some of them are very good. This is a great example. Peruvian films are excellent and soon we´ll be able of watching them in competition at the academy awards for best foreign language film. This film has a great plot, powerful performances and everything a great film is all about. Try to find it now and you wont regret.

Peter Jackson´s point of view, 21 January 2002

The film is interesting and exciting, there is no doubt about that. It has great special effects, that is true. Great score and great cast, it is true, except Liv Tyler, I don´t know what is she doing there. But we have to realise that this film represents the directors point of view about the book. At the end the film loses power because of the sentimentalism that is well-known in hollywood productions. I am not saying that because of that the film sucks. I am saying that does not help much. Peter Jackson falls in the temptation of directing blockbusters, forgetting that the most important element in a film is the script, and you can not say this is a bad script. Tolkien created one of the most complex drama-adventures and Jakson directed the most complex bed story. It is not bad but it can always be better, right?

I have see this before, 19 January 2002

Everyone was talking about the fight between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I don´t understand really because thay are totally different films, but anyway, Harry Potter is a fun film to enjoy with your five-year old child. Why? The film has a plot that seems to be written by a five-year old, it is not as exciting as the book, as interesting as the book, it seems to me that Hollywood it´s great at destroying every script that touches. Ok, the special effects are fine, it is true, but there is nothing spectacular. You are paying to see some kids talking about things that seem to be the work of a kid who wrote his last dream. Chris Columbus, has also proved to be a conventional director, who uses sentimentalism to entertain and sometimes to guide all the filme. It is no what I had in mind when somebody told me they were going to make a Harry Potter picture.

Valentine (2001)
Not too original, but who cares!, 18 June 2001

This is the kind of film we all have seen before. It is is Scream meets I Know what you did last summer meets Halloween. Blood, knives, great girls, nice music, but horrible plot. Is not a waste of time, but film companies should try to be a little bit more original. Not bad, but could have been much, much better.

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Is not horror, it is horrible, 11 June 2001

This is the type of film, that gives you reasons to hate horror movies. It is a really bad film, with an excessive use of special effects. As far as the acting goes, I better don´t say anything. The only one who is fine in his role, is Christopher Plummer. It seems to be a cheap version of Matrix combine with Scream. I mean, there is nothing, absolutely nothing surprising in this picture, excepting the ridiculous plot.

Scarface (1983)
Great film, great actors., 1 June 2001

I think this probably is one of the best films I have ever seen. Al Pacino is fantastic in his role, and the plot is just sensational. Yes, there are some violent scenes, but, hey, that is life. The directing is well done, is organized which allows the audience to understand each and every part of the film (even being this long), and creating and appropriate atmosphere for the people to enjoy the great plot of this film. It is simply shocking in a good, surprising way.

Nothing surprising!, 1 June 2001

I have to say that I thought this was going be a great film, I liked "The Mummy" so was I hoping to see some great special effects and a great plot. I was wrong. This film uses and excessive amount of special effects, forgetting the importance of the characters. This film is also, full of ridiculous parts, like the one there is like a boat flying (a Titanic scene but without the feeling). The ending is so predictable, you just want to ask for your money back. Truly disappointing, a waste of time.

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An interesting, excellent surprise., 6 February 2001

I have to say that when I saw the trailer I thought this was going to be a film about some half naked women and some people drinking a lot. But, when the film ended I have to say I was really surprised. A good surprise. Some people will probably disagree with me but this is not a film about nudity or something like that, it is a film about following your dreams, about leaving home searching for something real. I think Piper Perabo is excellent in her role as Violet, who actually sings some of the songs in the film. I'd recommend it to everyone who wants to have a great time.