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Norris's acting performance, 20 July 2000

This movie was made right at the time I call "the peak" of Chuck Norris's career. I was really quite surprised at the 5.6 rating this movie got from viewers. As far as Norris goes, this is really good stuff. He uses many classic one liners, always staying a step ahead of Victor Camacho and "Crazy" Tony Luna's bunch. If you enjoy the "honest cop" movies, this should be near the top of your list. I would rate it right there with Clint Eastwood's performance in "Magnum Force". To top it all off, the soundtrack is really a typical 80's theme. I really wish someone would release the music from some of Chuck's movies, like Delta Force.

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Dissimilarities to NASCAR, 20 July 2000

I have been a loyal motorsports fan for years, and all I ever hear from other stock car fans is that this movie is "a joke". While they are correct from one standpoint (there is no way a car going 190 mph can just decide to "put a driver in the wall"), I think many overlook the fact that this is the only big time movie centered around NASCAR racing that has been released in years. I enjoy the film for its music, real race footage, and action. When you watch it, be you a die-hard racing fan or a casual fan, you should enjoy the racing scenes it portrays. I rated this movie at an 8 just for the fact that it will put you in a racing mood. A side note: Great shots throughout the film of the Chevrolet Luminas: the car of choice after Monte Carlo production ended in the late eighties. Hendrick motorsports served as a "consultant" for the film, and Rick Hendrick has always run Chevrolet race cars - thus the abundance of Luminas in the film. Where are the Grand Prixs, Thunderbirds, Cutlasses and Regals? Nonetheless, great movie to see if you are a race nut like myself.

I don't agree with the Oscar award, 20 July 2000

I heard all the hype about this movie, and finally my friends made me see it. Rather than being enlightened by this film, I was upset. We are told the moral of the whole story at the very end of the film, and this moral is something that any human being should already be familiar with. I felt like I was watching a whole sequence of events that were supposed to be "zany", but instead I was left feeling frustrated that I spent money for this movie. 99% of critics will disagree with me, but I just did not understand what all the hype was for. It may be true that most of us would not do some of the things Kevin Spacey does in this movie, but what is the point of it? The only parts I did enjoy were some of the comedic scenes (Unlike earlier comments I would have much preferred it if the film was a genuine comedy). But as far as this film being an award-winner, I'm sorry.