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The Tunnel (2001)
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Roland Suso Richter is back !, 24 January 2001

The impressive work of director Roland Suso Richter gives satisfaction to those, who expect more from a TV-movie. It could also be shown on cinema. That would have been the better way. The director's hit can be seen in the tradition of "14 days lifelong"(14 Tage lebenslaenglich).

Here historic action of the real escape through the highly dangerous Berlin-frontier is interestingly presented. The fabulous camera gives an expression of the death on one side of the Berlin wall and the sadness on the other side. Those scenes are unforgettable, really.

Actor Heino Ferch cannot be followed by the other actors, their acts are one class below. Nevertheless a 'must-see'.

Anatomy (2000)
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'Handsome' Appealing for Great Research, 15 August 2000

At the start, people enjoy the nice Heidelberg and the beautiful students Potente and Loos and male Fuermann. The young director leads the spectator in a weird sphere of 1990s post-modernity and rural traditional social-structures of the 19th century. This "clean" area seduces to approximate to the handsome actors, but while it is growing insecure as strong as for Potente as 'severe' for the spectator, the environment threatens persistently. The coolness of the enforcement-medicinists shudders. In comparison to "Lola's Run (Lola rennt)", oneself is permanently bound to Potente, and her acting is better, Fuermanns women appealing is great, female spectators say. His acting is quite as well as Potentes'. An excellent young-adult movie.

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Intellectual and tentious life in the late industrialization era, explaining how political issues grow, 8 August 2000

Claude-Oliver Rudolph (James Bond) and Nina Petri (New Reunificated-German Love-Comedy movies) show us their capabilities in this intellectual and historical drawing of the industrialization time in the Ruhr-area. The political impact is developed by the historical and instituional conditions performed by economic might. This is one of those rare non-sugar-honey movies and describe very realistic, how human relations had been formed, realized and changed by life, as they perform nowadays as well.

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Getting into the suburban 19th century, 8 August 2000

This excellent TV-series carries back the spectators into one industrial suburban town in western europe, here the Ruhr-region in germany. The famous director Staudte opens all aspects of life and of society. For history interested people this film is a treasure, shown often in education facillities.

Defining freedom, generating tention and reflectiveness., 8 August 2000

This non-typical (anti-) war movie takes his power more by the director Sturges than by the famous actors. He puts his people in such good positions and gives a lection in camera- and light- guidance: night and day.

In practice, the air-force captives were brought to a camp at the Taunus mountains, so the distance for biker McQueen must have been far longer.

You cannot avoid being bound to the captives and psychological pressure against freedom, you feel narrowed, too. So the movie does not let you free, thereby it is genius.

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Best besides cooking, but important for Western fans., 27 July 2000

This movie stresses to Lex Barker, and Winnetou degenerates as a helping rider. For those music fans, rely on Martin Boettcher, Daliah Lavi didn' t sing a typical song. Some kind of action is worth watching the non original Karl May picturization.

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Enjoy the landscape of the Balcan area and have tension!, 27 July 2000

This "natural" looking and tentious Western will give pleasure to nature-bound spectators as well as to Western fans. The first Winnetou western acts after the introduction of Old-Shatterhand (Lex Barker) and Apache-chief Winnetou (Pierre Brice) in the movie "Winnetou 1". Herbert Lom had been got for playing a colonel, restricted by the script. Marianne Hoppe had her first international movie. For the laughers: Eddie Arent (Lord Castlepool) and Ralf Wolter (Trapper Sam Hawkins) can be seen.

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Through the wild Curdistan!, 27 July 2000

This adventure is more tentious than the "Schut", although Gottlieb is not the considerably better director than R. Siodmak (Schut), but the story is somehow predictable and this is fighting with its suspense. It is worth watching the landscape, that is great.

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Great Tv-movie, 26 July 2000

See the skin-heads interdigitation in society and the danger for the family either. See the madness of this political extremism. Heino Ferch 's first great appearance, not guilty for his retarded brother gets in difficulty with his skin-friends. The police is looking to prevent fire-raising. Hold-tight your nerves, thanks to the director Roland Suso Richter.

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Swopping shoemaker, rigorous clothes, funny captain !, 25 July 2000

This true historic story tells a lot of the Kaiser's era as imperator of germany up to 1918. Rühmann prooves being an excellent comedy-actor. By charm spectators are seduced into the first decade of the 20th century, where life had there no witticism, and keep on Rühmann's side in the movie.

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