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This was a big hit?, 1 June 2005

No matter what I might think of some movies it usually seems to me that hit movies are well made.....there is a reason the movies were a hit. Sorry but try as much as I can this movie is a mystery to me....was nothing else released at the same time? and the steamroller effect of it starting a hit just carried it along? I watched it with an open mind,well up for some escapist fun but apart from a couple of goodish jokes and the actors giving it their best,not much to commend this. It's such a mix'n match of ideas looted from so many other movies,that maybe it deserves some sort of award. On a yawn scale of one to ten this is flying high and I cannot believe even a ten year old would get excited about this. But then 300 million plus....what do I know?

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The Ego has landed outside the bank, 7 May 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

POSSIBLE SPOILERS--but if you cannot work out where this film is going,then you should go back to reading books. First let me admit that I actually like a lot of Kev's movies,even "The Postman"(must write a review)but lets face it,more fun slagging something off and with this mega-hit movie its not too hard. The acting-ok-ish-but they are getting paid a lot,so its the least they could do,having said that our Kev could have sent a plank of wood instead of bothering to turn up. The script-well its got words in it-please no I can't go on-please don't force me to say it-I must try to keep the job apart from our relationship-how can I be objective if I carry on sleeping with you-oh sorry getting carried away there.ok it is terrible. The whole thing is built around the premise that Kev is right and everyone else is wrong,actually starting to sound like a lot of his movies.He is of course the strong silent type(he saw the script)and our Whitney,she's in it,in case you did'nt know,is the liddle liddle girlie who should know better.This is like an old tv episode of "Cannon",he was always putting those youngsters on the right track as well, the production values look equal to a tv movie to me,so maybe thats where they got the grand idea. All in all a very good example of a superstar topping up the pension scheme and possibly the worst of Kev's movies. Having said all that,it is watchable,in a daydreamy sort of way. POSSIBLE SPOILER(but I dont really think so if you are over the age of twelve)Hero Kev gets shot,in the film,but don't worry,they don't hit his ego.

Original Film........Possible spoiler, 5 May 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is not going to make me popular but here we go,I prefer the ORIGINAL RELEASED VERSION of "Blade Runner".You have no idea what a relief it is to finally come out of the closet on this,for years a guilty secret,scared to look film buffs in the eyes,in case they saw through me,well the truth is out now.All hopes of Academy ,BAFTA,even the local film club membership gone forever.How could he do this,it's the DIRECTORS CUT,it must be the best,it's got to be,Ridley said so. Well it aint The original version put out with the voice over has more of a flow to it,is not overlong like the directors cut but the biggie is the end.

POSSIBLE SPOILER---mind you if you have not seen this by now--where you been? POSSIBLE SPOILER--for certain for the buffs--but what do you know?---about as much as me,and in passing "Gladiator" was soooo hammy but thats another story. POSSIBLE SPOILER-The end ,after sitting through the darkness of the film,magnificent,brillant but very dark,the soaring over the countryside just before the end credits to that great theme made you realise(almost with shock)the kind of enviroment you had just spent the length of the film in.At the same time a release and yet depressing,as if we the audience had almost experienced that closed in,dark,dank world of the near future. So thats what I think,the director is not always right,given the choice,I would watch the original released version,have watched both many times over the years.As for the film,great acting,the most stunning actress,great scenes and some blonde bloke in the best thing he ever did. If you have not seen it,see it,either version.

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Good in theory, 30 September 2001

"The White Buffalo" is worth watching,lets make that clear,the use of language is well done,the people seem of their age and time,the acting is pretty good and the movie attempts to do something different,its just not clear exactly what.

Lets not forget that Charles Bronson was at the time an "A" list star at the peak of his career,after many years of working up to that point,so it is to his credit that he chose to do a movie such as this. The problem with this picture is that it is made as an action/adventure but really wants to be something darker,as if the makers were scared to go too far away from the mainstream in case they lost the audience,which presumably they did anyway.

One thing people reviewing this film here [including supporters]have totally missed,the fact that Hickok had a dose,not the sort that went away in those days but the sort that gave you nightmares day and night,possibly even about white buffalos.

Lets face it not many film buffs are going to give Charles Bronson the benefit of the doubt,even though films such as Mr Majestyk are very good examples of action movies and he could,when required,do the business.So its good to see some buffs out there supporting him,you have all just picked the wrong film and I for one am not charging into that valley for a production that ultimately don't ring true.

Worth a watch and keeps you watching [but why?-be honest]. Better than the people who did not like say....not as good as the people who did like it say.

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worth watching for Theresa Russell alone., 16 August 2000

This movie is worth watching for Theresa Russell alone.Ok the rest of the cast are all very good but a heart rending role from Theresa Russell steals the film,you can see her mind working and her face is a picture in every sense.At the start of her career to be in a scene with De niro and Nicholson and walk away with it,is something worth watching.A very moving and affecting work by an actress in a worthwhile film.