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What a Great Show!, 23 February 2003

For me, I really liked Shining Time Station. I liked it they have both Ringo Starr and George Carlin as Mr. Conductor. I did like Ringo Starr as Mr. Conductor, I like it every time he appear and disappear. But, when George Carlin was Mr. Conductor I really like him, he was my favorite. I really liked the kids on the show my favorites were Dan, Kara, Becky, Matt, and Tanya after all they all were cousins on the show. I saw an episode when they had all 5 kids on there, it was when the kids wanted to play baseball and Scheemer was their coach, it was funny. I even saw the first episode of the second season, when it was Halloween and the characters Dan, Kara, Becky, Mr. Conductor played by George Carlin and Billy Twofeathers was introduced, Matt and Tanya was on their too. I wish that Shining Time Station was back on the air so families everywhere can watch it with their kids.

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Here is what I think about all 4 hosts on the show., 29 November 2002

I think Bob Saget did a very good job on the show. He was so very funny and he was a good host, I loved all his jokes, his comments, and his sense of humor. I think John Fugelsang and Daisy Fuentes were not bad at all. I love when they did the good news-bad news segment on the show it was funny too. I think Tom Bergeron is doing a very good job hosting the show. I like his jokes and his sense of humor and his duties too. Keep the the good work Tom and make it a successful show.