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A Man Called Shenandoah (1965–1966)
Good show lost to history
9 September 2007
It's too bad it was only on a season. I had a slight recollection of watching the show when I was 10 years old. Recently, I managed to get a hold of about 18 episodes from someone selling it on the internet.

The show was excellent. A little darker (emotionally speaking) than most Westerns, Robert Horton plays it excellently as a man who has lost his memory and is searching for his history throughout the country. It's the typical Kerouac-ish theme of roaming the country, that was found in so many episodes in the 60s. The plots are good. Horton is good. And the theme song, besides the Bat Masterson theme song, is the best one ever, and I believe Horton sang it himself.

While the theme and darkness somewhat resembles the Fugitve, robert horton was no David Janssen. And in the Fugitive, one got more of a sense of desperation; after all, Kimble was running for his life. What's the worst that happened if Shenandoah didn't find what he was looking for? He still had a good life. That's what subtracted somewhat from the show - the idea that "so what, he lost his memory".

But still, had the show lasted more than a year, other ideas could have been developed. It's a very good original theme, with lots of open space to work with. Not sure why the show didn't go beyond a year, but it's a shame. It was quality, and could have improved even further.
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In the Year 2889 (1967 TV Movie)
Judge it on its level
24 November 2005
Movies like this cannot be found easily, so appreciate it.. Let's put it this way: When my friend and I go to the movies and see the coming attractions, we yell out how much we think it's worth paying to see that movie. "5 bucks", "a buck fifty", sometimes "full price"... Well, this movie (In the Year 2889), we would yell out "you should be paying us".

First off, the first minute I'm wondering, hey, this looks like the 60's to me, what the heck is the significance of the title "2889". I'm still wondering.

Okay, it doesn't pay to dwell on the details or the plot, or insignificant stuff like that. If you're into low-budget trash, this one is magnificent. Don't believe the critics on IMDb. This movie gets a solid 8, if just to see Paul Petersen function without Donna Reed. And the old guy (father) is a pisser. The story is so full of holes and bad acting that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

Bad movie fans, you've GOT to watch this one!
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17 September 2005
I find this film pointless. Big deal, there was an interracial relationship. This theme can hardly highlight a movie. And Robert Downey Jr. is totally wasted, having the oxygen mask on him for most of his role. Then again, they should have put oxygen masks on the rest of the cast, to stifle their lines. Come to think about, the audience in the theaters probably needed oxygen masks to keep from fainting at this poor flock.

I even found the sex scenes uninteresting.

What exactly was the theme or idea, or plot of this movie. No need to issue a spoiler here, because anyone watching this movie should be thoroughly dis-interested in the ending.
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Side Out (1990)
great b-movie
14 February 2005
If you lower your standards and go in there expecting a B-movie, this one is fabulous. First of all, the cast:Peter Horton, C. Thomas Howell (wow, he grew up), Terry Kiser (he's alive for this one!), lovely Courtney Thorne-Smith. Even Kathy Ireland shows up... This movie came out right around the time that I was getting serious about volleyball, so of course my gang and I simply LOVED it. Of course it is totally unrealistic: a guy from nowhere ends up playing in an AVP final in 2 weeks! I wish. Anyway, it's also great to see all the legends of the game: O'Bradovich, Sinjin, Randy, Hov, Dodd, many of whom I have since met in person, wow, it doesn't get better than this. Even if you don't like volleyball, there's a decent plot. If you're a B-movie fan, you can't skip this movie. If every movie must have a deep inner meaning and soul to it, or has to make a statement, by all means skip it.
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The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000 TV Movie)
Great movie, great dedication
20 May 2004
Don't listen to those nasty IMDB critics. They only would have been happy if Audrey came out of the grave and portrayed herself....

I think Jennifer Love-Hewitt did a wonderful, wonderful job here. If there is a fault to this movie, it's in portraying Audrey Hepburn as some sort of perfect, almost female Jesus Christ. Come on, she couldn't have been THAT perfect.

JLH obviously is a very dedicated fan of AH, and should be commended in helping bring about this movie, and capturing much of the Audrey Hepburn charm and sexy self-doubt. Let's face it, for we AH fans, NOBODY can compare to her. To compare AH and JLH is unfair. One is a memory, one is not. And people here have stooped to compare makeup and smile. Give me a break!

I've seen JLH's other movies, and read much about her. She is worthy of portraying AH in both heart and talent, and I'd bet AH would say so herself. This movie is well-worth seeing. Please don't pass it up due to negative comments.
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16 November 2003
One of the great weird movies of the 60's. Anybody who loves movies of the 60's, and has missed this, has a monstrous gap in their viewing pleasure. The views of NY from that time period bring back all kinds of memories to me. There are brief pictures of Steeplechase Park and Coney Island. The cast consists of so many interesting actors/actresses: the tragic Elizabeth Hartman, the well-named Rip Torn, Tony Bill, Karen Black, Julie Harris. The person who didn't like this movie, will I guess he/she is just not into this cult classic. This movie was on my very short list of movies-I-MUST-see, and I thank goodness for IFC for showing it.
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Almost Summer (1978)
not bad, worth watching
12 September 2003
I've only seen this movie once. And I liked it. Yes, as someone commented, it is similar to "She's All That". Bruno Kirby was always an underated actor (i first remember him in an episode of room 222), and does a fine job here. Hey, it's not Shakespeare. It's a cute teen movie from the late 70's that kept my interest. If you're into these "coming of age" type movies, definitely try to catch this one. I don't know what I rate the movie, but I rate it better than the other people who commented.
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Mischief (1985)
Pretty good
12 May 2003
Pretty good teen movie from the 80's, that apparently went unnoticed in the deluge of such movies from that decade. Of course it has stereotypes, as other people have commented, but all such movies do. I enjoyed the relationship between Eugene and Jonathan, it was done very well, I thought. If you like these coming-of-age movies, you must see it. If you don't like such movies, then don't watch it.
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The worst
10 May 2003
Let me say that I like B-movies, straight-to-video-movies, etc. I search for them, and most of them I enjoy very much, better than the commercial stuff put out that you pay $10 to see in a theater with cell phones ringing... This movie is a different animal. Simply stated, I turned it off after an hour of torture. It is one of the worst, most boring, most worthless videos I've ever seen. It is a bad-plot-porno movie without the porno! I am surprised to see the lovely Jennifer Esposito absolutely wasted in this abomination.
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Baby It's You (1983)
Great movie
10 February 2002
I echo the comments of the other review posted here. The movie seems very uneven, and that adds to its lure. The interaction of Spano and Arquette seems all at once real and surreal. Any movie which makes me think of it into the next day, must have significant substance. It is rare to consider "uneven" a positive quality to a movie, but somehow this one pulls it off..
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