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The One (2001)
What's not to like?, 5 November 2001

How could anyone go to this movie and truly be disappointed? I mean, what did you expect from an action/karate flick?

I enjoyed it and like the sci-fi angle and didn't mind the rip-offs from the Matrix. It delivered just plain simple action with an American-film style happy ending.

Occasionally a film breaks out of its genre to be more, or is so spectacular as to be excellent, but this film did neither and that's OK.

Hey, maybe it is spectacular in another dimension!

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Below average, and way below expectations., 17 October 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, despite the reviews of critics nationwide this movie falls way short of it's target to be a gritty if overdone wanna-be-good-cop-goes-bad story. Are critics afraid to pan Denzel?

Denzel never convinces us that he was ever more than a thug with a badge. He plays the character so over-the-top in love with himself that he doesn't even know the boys in the hood hate his guts. The role of narcissistic punk comes way to easy to Denzel (but that is true in most of his roles) and he pushes the character way beyond any belief.

Hawke never grabs us an innocent but well-meaning guy, just young and really, really dumb (gives the gang his gun to see?). Why do they give a guy a drop-dead beautiful, could be a cover girl wife when it is no part of the story? I thought the story would get back to her, but she was just a distraction.

All the characters, like Scott Glenn's, were underdeveloped.

If you are a huge Denzel fan you will enjoy this movie as he is on screen non-stop. If you are a movie fan go see something else.

Bandits (2001)
Finally a movie that delivers what the trailers promise., 17 October 2001

Yes I know that trailers are supposed to put the best foot forward for any movie, but most of the movies this summer were far outdone by the trailers. Find those trailer editors and make them directors please.

This movie delivers nice performances with fun and at least one interesting character, Billy Bob's.

Bruce Willis either did a great job playing the straight man or Thornton upstaged him. You pick.

Get the studio people and tell them we are simple people out here. Make it funny and some action (or action and some funny); make sure there is a story, just a pinch of mystery twist, and a happy ending. Leave art to the independent films.

It is OK to go see BANDITS and to like it.

Zoolander (2001)
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Well, it seemed like a funny story line., 2 October 2001

Well, it seemed like a funny story line, but this movie took WAY too long getting funny, and then it was too little - too late.

Sometimes I think I am too critical expecting them to get skits put together into a movie, but then I think, HEY they are calling it a movie, so where is it?

If you liked the trailers then enjoy and stay home. Your life will be better for having missed this one.

It was almost a movie and it had a couple of funny scenes.

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Hopkins is worth watching every time., 2 October 2001

Gosh I didn't know anything about the story and when I caught on that it had a touch of the sci-fi mystery involved I got really excited about what was coming. But it never arrived.

There was too much coming-of-age, and not near enough Stephen King to suit me. They could have added just a bit of fun, maybe like Hopkins telling the kid there will be a company called Microsoft, buy some stock. I can't say I wouldn't have missed it for the world. So how was the book?

On the up side, I liked the actors and Hopkins is worth watching every time.

Hollow Man (2000)
A missed chance., 4 August 2000

Lots of good computer effects, but a boring story. Hey why not have the invisible man do something exciting? But he just turns out to be a monster? Watch the TV series, it's better. I should say, it's good. It would not take much to be better. Gets a 5 only because of interesting animation.

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Too much Hollywood added to a great true story., 17 July 2000

They tossed in too much Hollywood. All the stuff about friction between the crew and the captain was not true to the book and the interviews of those that knew the captain and crew. They made the crew out to be greedy and the greed led to the decisions that lost the boat - not so. You can't turn and run from a storm and nobody that has rolled a boat cheers like kids and laughs about it while they are still in the storm. The real story had drama enough, and there should have been more information about that part of the ocean and why the waves will pile up so high (it's very shallow).