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Great Documentary on what wrestling is REALLY all about!, 3 December 2001

I don't know how anybody who looked as this can say all it is is "Human degradation, because what makes the fact that 11 guys go onto a football field or the ground or astroturf and pound each other to death for a trophy and a small ring any better? And to call the wrestlers "characters" defeats the purpose with that logic then Bruce Willis or Will Smith are "Characters" since they do essentially the same thing the wrestlers do, entertain. The wrestlers do this for the love of the sport just like athletes do for "professional" sports, and this documentary is a great look at the lives these WRESTLERS not characters live to earn a living and build a sport that they love and millions of people love. To say you would rather watch real contests with unreal violence is wrong since Boxing and Football are "real" contest with anything but "unreal" violence. Now how perverted are you? It does a great job of feeling in the story lines in this, something non-wrestling fans can't and won't appreciate. I recommend this to the true wrestling fan not someone who doesn't already hate the sport. It goes to show these are REAL people not fictional people, and they bleed, cry, hurt and die and need to make a living just like all of us. It's far from degradation it shows the feelings and stories of athletes that don't get nearly the respect they deserve.

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Old school detective, 20 October 2000

One of the new breed "Old School" detective shows, Mike Hammer was one of my favorite shows ever. The tough, hardboiled tough-as-nails detective that actually had to DO detective work to get his man! He wasn't afraid to pull out the fistcuffs, and he wasn't superhuman and invulnerable. They just don't make shows like this anymore!

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A very good, promising show, 20 October 2000

I liked Freakylinks, it has a ton of potential as long as it continues to branch out. The one problem I have is that the show needs to develop the individual characters more so that we can relate to them and like them better. It seems like the show rushes to the action part, when we should be getting to know the characters a little more so that we can see how they react, what they are all about, and just give an overall personality to the characters and the group. Overall a solid show, and if they clear up those flaws and improve on them, they can easily develop a Star Trek, or X-Files or Xena or Hercules-type cult following that cashes in and becomes a big hit for years to come.

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Enjoyable movie. . ., 19 August 2000

It's funny I see adults come in and rip a movie like this. They rip kids cartoons, and kids movies as being "unrealistic and insane and cheesy", well HELLO it's for freaking kids! They didn't make it for some 25 or older person who wants to complain about every kids movie! I watched this movie when I was 12 and I REALLY enjoyed it! The different "magical" stunts they did, the music (I loved the music) and the likes. Still a good movie for kids of today. As long as you're 12 or under you'll enjoy this movie.

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This Mike Hammer lacked "The Hammer", 19 August 2000

"Mike Hammer, Private Eye" was nothing more then a watered down version of the 80s classics. Slow, and aging, Mike Hammer lacked the true "intimidation" a younger version of himself had. The 80s show was grittier, tougher, and more lively, while today it seems looser and more sophisticated. I tried getting into it, but I was FAR more upset that A&E canceled the old Mike Hammer reruns, then this old watered down version got canceled. Big disappointment, thankfully Stacy Keach went on to better things!

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Star Trek: The Next Generation carrying on in the tradition of the original!, 16 July 2000

Unlike some people, I can appreciate "The Next Generation". As a fan of the original Star Trek, The Next Generation wasn't a re-tread, but actually the future of Star Trek and their continuing mission, expanding on the original Star Trek and it's movies. It also gave us an interesting look at what the Enterprise would be like if Kirk had a different personality. Commander Riker was Kirk's wild side, and Captain Picard his diplomatic side and it gave the Enterprise a whole new personality and feel that could only be felt in Gene Roddenberry's world! So for those of you who think this is a retread of the original Star Trek remember, Roddenberry actually CREATED "The Next Generation" before he passed away.