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One of a kind!, 23 August 2000

The best film of 1999 without a shadow of a doubt.Craig Schwartz(cusack) is a struggling puppeteer.In order to make some money, Craig takes a job as a filling clerk.One day he accidentally discovers a door...a portal into the brain of Malkovich!

This is simply amazing.Over the top fun!. Brilliant! 10/10

The Cell (2000)
Pretty good!, 22 August 2000

I must say that this is one of the unique film I have seen in years.I had low expectations about this one.This movie really amazed me!

Jennifer Lopez was really good.The "dream sequences" were beautiful.A unique film to be seen more than once!


80s lives on!, 20 August 2000

One of the essential 80s movies that you have to listen at least once a year.It is like a ritual each time I saw this film.It is so good.Everything in this flick is so cool!.

It's one of those movies that have a special place in my heart.I'll never get tired of this one!


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Simply magical, Judy at her best!, 18 August 2000

Garland's performance shows remarkable power in its range and emotional intensity; Manson is among his most distinguished and unforgettable.

A brilliantly visualized stunning achievement!


This one have a special place in my heart.God Judy I LOVE YOU!

Awesome, 18 August 2000

I just finished watching this movie and it was really good.I was very happy to see a good horror/suspense movie.Kim Basinger is great.

What is the problem with the rating of this flick.5/10...this movie deserves at least 6.5 or 7.

I recommend "Bless the Child" to anyone here who like horror movies with suspense and a religious theme add into it.


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Judy Garland is the greatest!, 18 August 2000

My god Judy Garland was so talented.She done all great films.From masterpiece to amusing, touching, everything she have touched turned to gold!.She really is the greatest.

This movie is one of the greatest MGM musicals ever.It's one of those movies that everyone will want to see over and over again!

WOW! 10/10

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A great debut for the wonderful Judy Garland!, 18 August 2000

This enchanting musical comedy is notable for being the feature film debut of 15 year old Judy Garland!It also feature Betty Grable, long before she become a Hollywood legend.

Filled with charming original song and dance numbers including three memorable stand-outs performed by Judy Garland,this funny,satirical football farce is an entertainment "touchdown"!

Genuinely Funny,most entertaining!

If you love Judy you got to see this one.She as always is perfect.


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Pointless and Stupid, 6 August 2000

This movie is a bag of bad cliche with bad actors,a bad script and a bad director.Everything in Coyote Ugly is trash.I can't believe I spend money to see this.I thought that maybe it would some kind of a b-movies you like to hate, but no.I hate this movie, period.

Pointless and boring.DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS ONE!

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Best Science-Fiction Film!, 31 July 2000

No words can describe this movie.First of all, it is the greatest sci-fi flick of all time.And yes,it's better than "Star Wars".It is a countdown to tomorrow, a road map to human destiny, a quest for the infinite.A compelling drama of man vs machine, a stunning meld of music and motion.Kubrick's best!Watch this one alone not at a party or something!

My favorite.10/10

Kubrick is GOD!

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So pure!, 31 July 2000

How can anyone describe the magic, the purity, the emotions that this movie have.It is impossible.Capra must have been real proud of this one."It's a wonderful life" was and will be always be one the few movies that have a place in my heart.And I'm not the only one.

A magical movie to see over and over again!

Simply Perfect!

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