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an action packed drama, 5 August 2000

I remember growing up and waiting every week for Emergency! to come on. My family knew that when Emergency! came on I was not to be disturbed. I was so engrossed with Randolph Mantooth that I bought all of the "Tiger Beat" magazines I could, because I knew that details about him would be included, including those glossy photos. If you are an Emergency! fan or a fan of Randolph Mantooth please feel free to contact me and we can discuss our favorite episodes.

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An exciting Randolph Mantooth film., 15 July 2000

I must admit that when I heard that Randolph Mantooth was in a movie I rushed to the video store to rent it. I am a new user to the internet and was excited that I found this website. At first I watched the movie because Mr. Mantooth was included in the cast, but right away I realized that the plot was interesting. It is interesting to see Mr. Mantooth in a variety of characters. This character was fascinating, his accent "on the money". I enjoyed watching the movie and anxiously await more.