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A great Henri Verneuil's movie, once again ..., 24 November 2004

Capitalism, liberalism, profits, benefits, money, power ... how far can this vision of life can lead to ? This movie deals with a story that could easily be classified as 'usual' today ; a journalist tries to find the truth about a big holding shady business and discover tremendous things that make his life in danger.

Beyond that cliché of cinema, "Mille Milliards de dollars" points at the world we're living in, where money and power rule, where people thinks to be free but are actually pawns moved by interests and to make always more and more benefits, where the stakes are so huge there are no law anymore, no human beings, just customers, workers, business, profit: The real power is not in politic but in money !

Made about 20 years ago and still so actual...a great movie !