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Rewarding Movie, 29 October 2013

I enjoyed this movie from start to finish. I'm a big fan of WWII era movies and this production captures the era beautifully. How refreshing to watch a movie without sex, violence and special effects which is about the only thing the rot coming out of Hollywood these days is capable of delivering.

So, if you want to see a film with authentic sets and costumes and values of the period, plus a heart warming plot (albeit nothing very original) don't miss Beautiful Dreamer. The cast was excellent and the all the characters seemed like real people. Honestly, I don't see why anyone would give this movie a low rating.

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Lost Gem, 10 May 2013

I really enjoyed this film a lot. The other reviewers don't seem to do this movie justice or give it its due. The only name I recognized was that of Warren Hull so it wasn't famous stars that drew me to it. The premise was silly enough to make it part screw-ball comedy and part romantic comedy. There was an agreeable combination of both. I thought the cast was equally good and there were plenty of hardy belly laughs whenever a character said a witty line; many of them a spoken staccato-style which I think is pretty characteristic of movies of that era. If you're looking for easy viewing for an evening's light entertainment, this is an excellent choice.

Rendition (2007)
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Leftist propaganda film, 25 August 2011

The movie had no subtitles when the characters were speaking Arabic so it was almost impossible to follow the plot or to know who was supposed to be who. The movie is nothing more than left wing propaganda against torturing enemies of the USA. One can only hope that these lefty pinheads become victims of radical Muslim fanatics some day; maybe then they will see why torture has been used for centuries. It works. Personally, I'm getting tired of trying to find a movie free of liberal "ideology". I don't want or need to be spoon fed this leftist tripe when going to the cinema. The good news is that most of this type of movies are box-office bombs and are attended by ever decreasing audiences. I want to be entertained not manipulated into swallowing what the Hollywood elite think according to the latest politically correct dictates.

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Vintage Charmer, 4 July 2011

Any movie that shows a child using a gas stove unattended and playing with a detective's gun can NOT be all that bad! Hey, this movie is straight forward, honest '48 entertainment. The cast, replete with an obnoxiously sweet little girl, is excellent and a lot of them are recognizable character actors of the time. The movie is a gem as a study of mid-40 home decorating, clothes, manners and attitudes. But there's a bonus, it's entertaining. Footsteps are heard at midnight by an alert mother. The parents go their child across the hall. The tyke swears that a pretty lady sat on her bed and told her she was adopted. Naturally, they don't take her seriously until things develop to where they find out someone might be trying to take their adopted daughter away and the father feels he must hire a private eye. There are enough false leads to keep you guessing until the end. I'm glad I watch this movie.

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What's the point?, 27 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Honestly, I should not have seen this film because I am fed up with Hollywood movies that have depressing themes. What is the point of making movies like this? Make me cry? Depress me? It's didn't bring tears to my eyes but it sure didn't cheer me up. No wonder Bollywood is growing in popularity. At first, I felt like some creep lurking on a grieving couple. But less than half way through, I changed my mind and concluded the two main characters deserved each other. I just wanted to get to the end. There was only one scene where the main character's mother who coincidentally (pretty handy one at that) has also lost a child explains that the pain never goes away and feels like a brick in your pocket. The rest of the movie was predictable and to me I could see the writers feverishly bending the plot to suit their purpose. That purpose alludes me but then I really don't much care what they had in mind. I regret I spend an evening watching this rubbish.

Hop (2002)
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Glorifying Terrorists, 23 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Content wise this is without a doubt the worst movie I've ever seen. Glorifying illegal aliens and Communist terrorists. What could possibly go wrong with a movie based on that? Plenty. I knew the movie was going to be dripping with politically correct leftist views but when the twelve year old protagonist builds a bomb using two cell phones, I was sure the movie was going to go down hill from that point. I wasn't wrong. How anyone can give this movie more than a 1 beats me. I guess there are plenty of effete snobs on this website who drool if their warped point of view is glorified, but unless you've had a lobotomy you can't give this crap any credit for what it is. Rubbish.

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Vile Porno Posing as "Art", 20 June 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just when I think the moral reprobates making films these days have hit bottom, I stumbled onto this disgusting movie on Hulu. (At least I didn't have to pay to see this rubbish). The movie has virtually no redeeming qualities. Two adults, who have separated, each use a teen age boy to their own ends which is nothing short of child abuse. The wife has sex with the boy and the husband approves! The movie goes down from that point. There is nothing entertaining or interesting about the characters. Indeed, if ever there were an argument for disallowing couple to become parents these two would be candidates of the first degree. Don't waste your time on this pointless movie. Let the effete pseudo-intellectuals that wrote glowing reviews of The Door wallow in this filth. I'm sure you can find something better to do with your time.

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Daytime Soaps Have Better Plots, 15 June 2010

Oh, great, the first Danish film I see turns out so bad as to scare me from future attempts to see movies from Denmark. Well, at least the glimpses of Copenhagen during the movie were worth while. This movie is so riddled with coincidences that it makes daytime soaps look like Shakespeare. In the interest of sparing you unintended spoilers I won't enumerate them; you can keep a tally for yourself as the movie rolls on should you decide to watch this. There is nothing quite so irritating as a contrived plot line that is so obvious you can practically see the "writer" chucking as he manipulates his his characters into situations that will give him the desired outcome. So happy viewing to you if you want to practice your Danish otherwise clean your ear canals or something useful rather that suffer though this trite movie.

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Totally Entertaining, 29 April 2010

There's nothing like a movie made in the 40s. There is a simplicity of perspective that is utterly refreshing when compared to the rubbish that passes for entertainment these days. The entire cast is excellent, the plot clean and easy to understand. Well before the half point of the film, I was rooting for the undercover agent to succeed. I like the fact that the crooks were't so smarmy as to be stereotypes. They were rotters but somehow still seemed human. The end of the film has a strong build up. I really enjoyed this forgotten movie. I wonder how many other B movies are so good. Working my way down IMDb list of available films online, I may soon know.

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Nothing to Drool Over, 22 April 2010

This movie is more rubbish from the perverted mind of Bunuel, who like most men of the left, is great a criticizing western society and the things that made it strong and workable but never offers solutions that might better it weak points. I am not one of these film buff idiots who thinks everything Bunuel did is brilliant and something to be revered. Frankly, this movie offers nothing. No humor, no real life characters, not even an interesting plot. Bunuel and Michael Moore are pretty much one and the same, propagandists who are more interested in spreading their gospel of Marx than in creating entertaining films to which most Americans can relate. With any luck, they will both be forgotten even the the pseudo-intellectuals who write glowing reviews on this site about every trite thing that their guys crank out. The general public has no use for this nonsense I am glad to say.

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