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the power of friendship, 8 July 2000

There have been many movies about a person's relationship with an animal, but "My Dog Skip" is one of the best that I have ever seen. I discovered this movie on video and it will definitely become a part of my collection.

In the 1940's, during World War II, things are rough in the USA. Willie Morris is not your average boy. He would rather read than play football with the other guys. When Willie's parents let him have a dog, it changes his whole outlook on life. He and his dog Skip have a unique friendship that becomes unmatched by anything else.

While this movie's target audience are kids half my age, it is perfect for everyone. Its story is very true to life, probably because it's based on Willie Morris' own childhood and his memoir of the same name. I had a dog that was just like Skip -- a true friend. There's nothing like a constant companion that will stick by you even when it seems that the world is against you. Even if you're not a dog fan, you shouldn't look past this movie.

The cast is excellent, especially Frankie Muniz, who's now known as Malcolm from Fox's "Malcolm in the Middle." He exudes boyhood innocence and bonds with his pet better than he does with humans. His parents, Diane Lane and Kevin Bacon, do a fine job as well. Rounding out the major cast is Luke Wilson, as Willie's changed-by-war neighbor Dink.

"My Dog Skip" is funny and heartwarming. You'll laugh and chances are you could shed some tears as well, but it's all worth it in the long run. This a movie that should not be missed by anyone, especially if you have had a special animal friend in your life.

Another successful satire, 8 July 2000

As soon as I saw the trailer for this movie, I couldn't wait to see it. I'm a fan of the recent horror movies, namely the "Scream" series. Needless to say, I was very impressed with the Wayans' satire on the on-again off-again horror genre. While a lot of the jokes will not make sense if you haven't seen these movies, that should by no means stop you from seeing it. But be warned, if you can't handle grossout humor, stay away. This movie takes sex jokes to a whole new extreme; a certain body part makes several appearances in the film.

The cast is absolutely fabulous. Shannon Elizabeth's dead-on parodies of both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Rose McGowan's characters are so funny. Marlon Wayans' is over-the-top with his pothead Shorty. Even the relative unknown stars do a great job, especially Anna Faris, in the Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt roles. Even the opening scene with Carmen Electra was still funny, even though most of it is seen in commericals.

No recent movie seems to be left unturned; or commercial for that matter with even the recent "Whazzup?" campaign spoofed. While some of the gags go WAY over the top, I found myself continually laughing at its stupidity. The script is really well-done, even though some of the lines are directly ripped from some of the spoofed films, especially "Scream." But since the film is released by Dimension, as was "Scream," I guess they can get away with it. The Wayans' brothers have achieved yet another destined to be successful satire. If "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka" and "Don't Be A Menace..." were the start, then "Scary Movie" is the next step on their path to comedic history.