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Camp (2013/I)
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A really great, but sad movie, 30 April 2013

Just saw this at the local AMC. After seeing the write up, I knew it would be a sad movie, I just didn't expect this.

It's sad to know that there are kids out there that actually have life this rough, but knowing that there are people out there that are working to help these kids experience at least a week of joy is good to know.

This was a great movie, although the religious theme does come across as a bit much at points, but it doesn't detract from an otherwise good film.

If you're in the mood for a heartfelt drama with some light comedy and a lot of heart, go see this film. Definitely picking this up on DVD.

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Seriously?, 24 November 2012

I usually give even the most awful shows at least one full episode before I make a judgment, but I couldn't even make it two minutes through this pile of garbage.

The lead character is annoying, the promos made sure to show every possible toilet humor based joke, and within two minutes- I can not stress this enough- TWO MINUTES, the jokes were so side-swipingly terrible that I had to change the channel to find something that could restore my sense of humanity.

This show makes Bucket & Skinner (which actually was kind of, sort of funny) look like a masterpiece of comedy. I urge everyone to ignore this show and hope it goes away.

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Big Time Guilty Pleasure, 21 October 2010

BIG TIME RUSH is the best live action Nick show since Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, which isn't a shock since it's from the same creator.

The series tells the tale of four hockey playing teens from Minnesota who follow their dreams of becoming famous in Hollywood. Yes, the show is comparable to the Monkees, which is a positive. BTR is miles better than the horrible Jonas/Jonas L.A. over on Disney, plus the BTR guys can actually act AND sing.

If you're in the mood for a wacky comedy that actually IS funny, go for the Big Time.

Good Family Film, 19 September 2003

This is the best family film since Finding Nemo. Osment will go very far once he gets past his teen years, and Micheal Caine and Robert Duvall are perfect as Osment's uncles. And there's plenty of laughs and drama for everyone.

Oh my... Spade is... FUNNY?, 6 September 2003

I didn't believe it until I saw this movie. Spade still isn't as good without a fat guy to bounce one liners off of, but this is by far Spade's best movie yet, not including Emperor's New Groove.

Do not go by the t.v. advertisements, the movie is by far funnier than the t.v. spots. And be sure to stay through the end credits for a special music video.

Home Alone 4 (2002) (TV)
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In the grand tradition of Problem Child 3..., 2 September 2003

Revenge of the Nerds 3, 4, and 5, and whatever other theatrical films t.v. has trashed with their horrible sequels, come this piece of tripe.

No one, NO ONE, even remotely connected to the first three movies returns here, although the characters from the first two movies are brought back.

Kevin must have been in an accident since part two, because he'd need tons of plastic surgery to keep looking that young.

Skip this movie and stick with the original trilogy, this movie is a waste of time, money, and energy.

We'll Have a Gory Old Time, 13 August 2003

Final Destination 2 is possibly the goriest movie I have ever seen, and I've never had a strong stomach for that sort of thing, yet I couldn't look away.

Felt sorry for Little Timmy and his mother, but other than that, I loved watching the accidents befall the people on Death's list. Here's hoping FD3 will at least try to top this one.

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Not Bad, 24 July 2003

This movie was almost as good as the original, and the story was a little more believable and more fleshed out than the first one's premise. But let's just leave it alone after this one. I don't think the world needs "Mannequin III: On the Surf".

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So good, yet so bad, 20 April 2001

I suppose a cartoon was inevitable, but things could have worse. On the good side, at least the producers tried to make the series action oriented, and some of the plots were pretty decent. And it kept in continuity with the first movie (but not the second and third films)

On the bad side, Jesse was far more annoying than in any of the movies, the villain looked like a Borg reject, and to top it all off, Jesse had the inexplicable power to "talk" with Willy and other sea life. But I suppose it could still be an enjoyable cartoon if you like old Saturday Morning television.

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What were they thinking?, 10 April 2001

The producers were obviously trying to cash in on the "let's make a big screen cartoon out of a saturday morning series" formula that worked so well with "The Chipmunk Adventure", "The Care Bears trilogy", and "My Little Pony".

The animation is extremely cheap for a feature film. And it has almost no connections with the ABC cartoon series that was running when this so called film was released. Sure, they got the t.v. voices for Nose Marie, Whopper, and Bright Eyes for this movie, but where were Cooler and Howler?

Stick with the Cartoon Series from Hanna Barbera. It's much better quality than this.

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