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Dr. Sex (1964)
Not as good as it sounds. But then again, it was only the 60's
7 July 2002
Mr. Ted V. Mikels first film is worthy of some attention. It deffinetly fills the bill when compared with other 'nudie-cutie' films like "Kiss Me Quick" or "The Immoral Mr. Tees".

Three stories are told by a group of psychologists (one doing a bad Bela Lugosi impression) about their wildest cases, as told to them by their patients.

It's funny, I guess - but ultimately a little boring; as films in the past twenty years have made us expect more, and more quickly.

It's worth watching if you like low budget cult films. Now if you can only find a copy......
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Entertaining as Hell
10 October 2001
Not being a tremendous fan of director Al Adamson, I watched this film for the first time and was pleasently surprised. The action is great, the sleaze-factor was high, and the three main women in the film are dynamite. And the ending! Man, what a shocker! Completley non-typical for this kind of drive-in movie. It's very surprising, and made my impression of the film even better.

The movie is cheesy, yes, but at a time when most movies made in Hollywood let you down, I SPIT ON YOUR CORPSE is a breath of fresh air. After all, the worst thing a movie can be is dull. And this movie certainly ain't.
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Anguish (1987)
One of the most original horror films I've ever seen.
31 July 2000
ANGUISH is the sort of film where you must walk into it blindly. Read nothing about it, no reviews, or even the back of the video box. This is by far one of the best films you've never heard of! Average horror film fans who flock to see SCREAM and SIXTH SENSE, (if they can really claim to enjoy good horror films) will probably dislike this one. It takes a true love for the genre to realize the beauty of ANGUISH. I've said to much already, see this at once!
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Good time with a bad movie
15 July 2000
What can I say, if your taking the time to look up information on sleaze like this, you obviously have something wrong. But I'd be doing same thing, so allow me to tell you of this little diddy. Begining with the shot of a topless womens chest as she dances to jazz music, GOOD TIMES WITH A BAD GIRL goes down hill, (or uphill depending on your point of view) from that point on.

A middle aged business man takes a trip Las Vegas, and promptly shacks up a vivacious young girl. They get in the hot tub, sleep together, and go to a swinging party. What more can you want? A plot, good acting, syncronized dialogue? Well your not going to get it here!
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Pagan Island (1961)
Beware the goofy Sea God!
15 July 2000
"White man no good" replies one of the thirty (curiously enough, anglo saxon) island sea girls, upon the arrival of a ship wrecked boat boy. And, wouldn't you know it, he falls in love with beautiful Princess Nani Maka only days before she is to be sacraficed to the Angry Sea God. What will Queen Kealoha say? Not much, as most of her horribly read dialouge is from a cue card.

One man alone with thirty native island girls does sound inviting, but this schlock-ridden island safari is for cheesey movie fans only. "White man say I built like small brick house" is one of the many hilarious lines delivered by the island beauties, (handpicked by Betty Page photographer, Bunny Yeager!) which despite a low budget, managed to be scored with gorgeous Les Baxter inspired music.
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Attention Kubrick fans........
10 July 2000
Okay, so fans of the late Stanley Kubrick probably won't rush out to rent this film,(even so locating the film may prove difficult) it will however, more than likely amuse them.

The DR. STRANGELOVE references may be few, but its just enough to make the film watchable. Fans of nudie-cutie films of the sixties should hang their heads in shame if they haven't seen it, while church going suburbanites should pray they never hear of it!

Interesting fact: The film's director of photography, Laslo Kovacs, would go on to shoot CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, GHOSTBUSTERS, and EASY RIDER!

KISS ME QUICK! is a girrating fun time, with plenty of girls-a-poppin!
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Good for a late night viewing
10 July 2000
PLAYGIRLS AND THE VAMPIRE is a so-so early Italian horror movie that is good enough to hold an average euro-horror film buffs attention. Nice music, great looking (and occasionally, scantilly clad) go-go dancers, and not to mention an oddly unique final death scene.

Overall, a nice addition to any obscure movie collection, that will probably merit more than one viewing.
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Lips of Blood (1975)
Art house exploitation at it's finest!
7 July 2000
If your one who enjoys the recent surge in European horror films, by all means watch this delirious, non-sensical, erotic gem courtesy of director Jean Rollin.

From nude vampire women roaming the streets of Paris, to spooky castles and graveyards. LIPS OF BLOOD is sure to please

Be forewarned, as this film is for acquired tastes only. A must for sleazy, soft core horror buffs who enjoy their movies with an art house touch.
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Olga's Girls (1964)
Amazing! Jaw Dropping! Hysterical!
7 July 2000
I've seen allot of sexploitation movies but this is by far the best. Think of this movie as one of those educational films from the fifties/sixties, like A TRIP TO THE DAIRY or DENTAL HYGENE AND YOU. Only this is about a white slavery ring, communism, S&M and lesbianism!

Shot with no sound, this movie features only narraration to the astounding scenes of kinky torture. (Only Olga's voice, besides our faithful commentator, can be heard) This flick also has the best usage of Berlioz's NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN ever used in a film. (move over FANTASIA)

OLGA'S GIRLS is a sight to behold!
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