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Exploiting Juarez Tragedy was focus here, 7 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Juarez tragedy is sad thing to exploit for entertainment. I would love to see a film that really focuses on this tragedy (thousands of women getting raped and murdered for over a decade, for those who don't know)and shows the horrors to gain more awareness and maybe create more dialogue with Mexican authorities and U.S. border authorities. An impactful film ala "Hotel Rwanda", "City of God" or "The Battle of Algiers", which tell the stories of the people living in tragedy. BUT, NO!!! We get another film that for reason decides to tell the Juarez story from East Los Angeles and have a full out Cholo battle with LAPD. Yes people, a gang battle with LAPD in a movie about Juarez, Mexico!!! I have to ask Minnie Driver and Angus Macfadyen, "WHY???!!". She's an Academy Award Nominated actor and she decided to do this. Angus was in "Braveheart"!! I can understand the usual Latin Actor suspects being in this (trying to speak Spanish when most of them didn't, sadly). But Minnie and Angus??!!! Anyway, not sure I'll be giving away any spoilers. Expect some horrible dialogue, bad TV directing and cinematography, bad acting, bad editing, bad story line, many clichés, not caring for characters (except for Isidro played by Jorge Cervera Jr.)and of course gang war with LAPD. Can't forget having a gang shoot out in a Latin themed film, right? The Juarez tragedy is barely touched upon and after veering off completely, all you get is a card at the end giving you some facts. By then I'm sure many have turned to another channel, which I should have done. Well, at least I gave it a chance.

Great story telling and entertainment!, 16 March 2002

You would think that a movie with the title Barrio Murders would be some crappy gang movie. But when you watch it, it turns out to be a murder mystery with an unexpected twist and intriguing plot line. Henrickson's story is dark and funny. He plays with the audience's intellect and adds a touch of pop culture to make you think about how sick people can be. From a great cast to the ala "Sixth Sense" ending, this film makes one to watch.

Space Banda (2001) (V)
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Space Banda will be a cult hit!, 16 February 2002

One of the funniest Latino Exploitation films ever. It's wild, whacky, dirty, and features beautiful women. The story line of future space coyotes turning into musical "banda" super heroes to protect and save the persecuted Latinos from the Immigration Naturalization Federation (INF) is uniquely humorous. It will definitely reach cult status in the coming years. Can't wait for the sequel!

Road Dogz (2000)
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OH PLEASE!, 15 May 2001

Bad directing. Bad acting. Bad writing. Bad editing. Bad sound. I felt nothing for any of these characters and could care less. This film is a "Boyz in the Hood" wanna be, but never achieved the heart and strength for any of the characters and stories. Much less the cinematic achievement, with the typical Latino stories that have been told and told again. Not all Latinos grew up in the 'hood'. Characters such as Torneo and Abuelito should just have been edited out completely. And obviously, with the character of Alfonso, not much casting choices were seen for this actor. The only thing that made me cry in this film was the waste of time I spent watching it.

Such annoying pair of brothers., 2 January 2001

The two brothers in this show are not at all humorous. The show obviously uses laugh tracks on every line. A lot of over acting by part of the cast does not help either. The only one that stands out on the show is Jossara Jinaro. She's very attractive, but naive. She plays very well with the words and it's just amusing to watch her expressions of confusion and desperation when she doesn't know what to do or say.