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Putting the record straight!, 31 October 2003

After reading the last posted review of 'Day of the Sirens' I had to write a review myself to put the record straight since it felt like someone posted a review of a different film. The review mentioned that the acting was bad, it was in fact excellent, in the case of Saeed Jaffrey a career best, his performance had me in tears and he completely stole the film, shame on anyone that says it was less than exceptional. A reviewer mentioned the film had a cheap digital feel, this is where I believe they must have really been watching another film, the camera work was beautiful and the colours were vivid and sharp, bold and lovely cinematography, very surprising for a low budget film. I counted five distinct and separate story lines that did come together though subtly and with intelligence, I can only assume that the connections went over the reviewers head. Engage your brain or get off the train, 'Day of the Sirens' is not for lazy minds, it is thoughtful and clearly one of the best British independent films this year.

Fast Food (1999)
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Food poisoning!, 27 August 2003

Food poisoning! The only people that could have the bare faced cheek to defend a film as bad as this would have to be it's creators or have contributed to it's production or funding (god help it's investors). The sound and picture quality are appalling and the performances are all OTT and the script is childish in structure and made up of regurgitated cliches. This is a Mac Film, and remember you are what you eat!