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The Perfect Bore
6 July 2000
Ok - this film had amazing special effects, no question about it. But shouldnt they help the plot along instead of being a substitute for it? Nothing happens in this movie except the obvious. Some guys decide to go fishing (it doesnt matter which guys - their characters are carbon copies of each other). They do go fishing. They get hit by a storm. They fight against it. People back home worry. And the outcome is presented.

I dont want to give away anything in this movie and spoil it, but let's just say that the plot is so empty the film makers found it necessary to fill the screen with other characters and situations that were completely irrelevant to the story. For example, the shark that washes up on the boat, or the people on the sailboat. Or what about the cargo ship that loses its contents? Just filler - because this movie is empty. If there was an actual plot, the writers wouldnt need all of this extra material.

If you want to see rain and big waves, fine, pay the admission and enjoy. But just dont expect anything more.
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Braveheart (1995)
6 July 2000
Braveheart was amazing on the big screen. Right from the start, this movie grabbed me and just didnt let go. I know some people have faulted the length of the film and the level of violence, but I couldnt get enough of it - I saw it with a friend several times in the theater and wish it was re-released.

Why do some people love this movie so much? It isnt just the simple fact that it is a good story masterfully told. Mel Gibson's performance is also great, but I think there is another reason. I think it lies in the honor and integrity portrayed by William Wallace. Here is a guy fighting on just one thing - principle. And what's more is that he is willing to die for it without any compromise. It's a movie about sacrifice, commitment, patriotism, loyalty and faithfulness to a cause bigger than yourself. And that message resonated. By the end of the movie you personally respect and admire this character, and that emotional commitment only makes the movie more compelling.

That being said, the battle scenes are astounding. Literally thousands of people on the field...The strategy employed in the movie is interesting, the different alliances that develop further the plot and keep the movie from becoming dull. And, of course, Longshanks, the King, is convincingly portrayed as a cold, ruthless tyrant you want to hate.

A 9 outof 10.
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Nonstop heart pounding fun!
6 July 2000
I dont really understand how someone can be a true fan of Indiana Jones and not care for this movie. For me personally, it is my favorite of the three, although I do realize Raiders was technically the better film. But Temple of Doom was just a lot more fun for me!

The bad guys - Mola Ram, Gangster Lao Che, the Thugee cult, etc - were truly evil in the traditional comic book style, the action was ripped right out of the pages of some 30's pulp fiction and the acting was right on target - lighthearted but dedicated and sincere.

I saw this movie when I was about 10 or 11, which probably is why I love it so much. I have great memories of sitting in the theater peeking through my fingers at the images of Mola Ram killing his next victim, or of the amazing mine car chase sequence, or the breath taking plunge on a raft from a crashing airplane. And I dont care what anyone says - Lao Che and the whole restaurant scene at the start of the movie is incredible fun. Spielberg demonstrate here that he has this innate ability of packaging what 14 year old boys like in a movie, and making it so it appeals to a whole population. I grew up idolizing Indiana Jones...

I wholeheartedly endorse this film without any reservation for any fan of action films, pulp fiction, or Harrison Ford. I'm just waiting for the DVD release.
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Great Performance
6 July 2000
I just saw this movie again recently when it was shown at a local theater - and fell in love with it again. However, as an adult, I was surprised to see how sadistic the movie can be - kids die in a number of ways. Nothing violent or gory, mind you - but still unusual for a "children's movie". Comparing it to Seven, as some reviewers have done (kids die for their sins) is a large stretch.

That being said, this film is just pure, pre- packaged imagination. It is a visual treat, and Wilder's performance is perfect. As a child I wasnt able to enjoy the bitter sarcasm he presents. He's hysterical! The movie is as magical as I remember it from my childhood.

It's a sweet movie both kids and adults will love, for the same and different reasons.
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What a joke - literally!
3 July 2000
There is one scene in The Judas Project that lays the groundwork for what to expect from the rest of this movie. The scene I am referring to is early on in the movie, where "Jesse" is preaching to a multitude (that's 15) at a beach. In this scene we are left to wonder such imponderables as "why does the boat searching for the drowning boy shoot up a flare when the boat is only 5 feet from the shore?", "why does Jesse have to feed these people bread and cheese when they could all just go to friggin' McDonalds?", "why is Jesse speaking in riddles?", and "Dear God - is that Fidel Castro?"

How you react to this scene will determine how much you enjoy the rest of this movie. If you found this scene funny for how incompetently it was done, well just sick back - you haven't seen anything yet!

For me, this film is a comic masterpiece. Of course, the movie makers never intended for this to be humorous. But, as with so many other inventions, the director just stumbled into this. And, frankly, this mistake is the one thing that redeems his work - trust me, as a serious look at the life of Christ in a modern setting this film fails miserably and shamelessly. But as a comedy - it should have topped the recently released AFI list.

There are too many funny - truly, very funny - scenes in this film to list all of them here. But, I could not write a comment on this movie without mentioning the extremely cheesy lightning scenes with the disciples poorly acting as though they are trying to avoid the bolts, the discrepancy of holding machine guns while crucifying someone in our present time, the "money-66" license plate on Judas' car (what, did they run out of space for the extra 6?),the way Jesse constantly sweats throughout the entire movie, how Peter is beaten by a cop for no reason at all and no one stops to help him (he's cripple for God's sake!!!), the unexplainable close up of the infamous sweaty armpit, and Judas' horrific transformation into a gorilla! And, as another reviewer so aptly pointed out, this film also has Roberto Benigni and Steven Spielberg look a likes! Hey, this film has it all! Honestly - it's like a Christian Ed Wood production!

I've seen this movie over 3 times on video and twice in the theater - I laugh harder and longer each time. Do yourself a favor - mock this film today!
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Ghoulies (1984)
Pure Garbage
3 July 2000
Ok, I have to admit - I rented this film because of the cover of the box. It has a Ghoulie climbing out of a toilet with the caption "Everyone Gets It In The End" right above it. I thought that was sort of funny, maybe even clever and figured "what the heck - maybe it'll be funny".

Boy was I wrong. I love horror movies. From Child's Play, Wishmaster, Pumpkinhead, Friday the 13th, etc...But this was pure trash. The special effects were horrible and the plot was dull. It earns a rare 1/10.
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