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Jude Law worth a billion dollar, 6 February 2007

After the huge success of 'The Holiday' Jude Law is back to the top were he belong, the star of 'Cold Mountain,Alfie, Enemy at the Gates, Existenz etc is well loved. Jude Law starred in 'The Holiday' with In her shoes,Charlies Angels, Something about Mary and upcoming Shrek The Third - 'Cameron Diaz',Finding Neverland, The Life of Gail, Enigma - 'Kate Winslet who also has an Oscar nomination for upcoming 'Little Children' in this upcoming Oscars, Nacho Libre, King Kong and School of Rock and upcoming Tenachios D in the house of Destiny - 'Jack Black',The legend of Zoro,Triston and Isolde and upcoming the Illutionist 'Rufus Sewel'. All Delivered a brilliant performance a warm wonderful comedy which is still playing in some of our Cinemas in Australia since it's opening on Xmas Day.

The Huge success of 'The Holiday' prepared us for the new films which the stars are about to hit our cinema's with.

Jude Law was the first of the above cast to open his new film in Australia : Breaking and Entering - Jude Law shine like a knight. Brilliant performance, his face and his performance is worth a billion dollar.

'The Departed' 'Vera Farmiga' shine in 'Breaking and Entering' just as much as she shine in the Oscar nominated 'The Departed' which at last won it's Director 'Martin Scorcese' an award he was nominated 7 times in his life and never won and this is his first win so it was a fair win, 'The Departed and Breaking and Entering is Gorgeous 'Vera Farmiga' comeback after many years since 'Dummy'.

'Bee Season, Jet Lag and Chocolate - 'Juliet Pinoche' is brilliant she smile like the sun on a green field, I love her smile.

'Robyn Right Penn' comeback was very powerful with powerful performance, and nice sleek figure.

'Confetti, The Galaxy - 'Martin freeman' is a gem of a star he too worth a billion dollar.

'The Proposition, The Departed, - 'Ray Winstone' which I love very much he is one hell of a star to watch in 'The Proposition' which won many awards all over the world, best quote when he call his wife 'Emily Watson' with his majestic personality and deep gorgeous voice:Martha. I loved this scene and yes I loved his powerful performance in 'The Departed' and in 'Breaking and Entering' he is out of this world. brilliant indeed so flawless.

I loved 'Anthony Minghella' directing and I really thought his directing, the film 'Weinstine Company' and all the stars deserved an Oscar nomination,a great work of art by all.

Alexander (2004)
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Australia is waiting for the great work of Oliver Stone, 15 December 2004

For Many years "Oliver Stone" showed nothing but greatness, by the matter of fact I thought he will get a nom in this year's Oscars for "Alexander". We in Australia are waiting for this film, and we strongly believe it's going to be enormous,Acting by Collin Farrell and Angelina Jolie and Anthony Hopkins alone speaks for itself,those are powerful stars. let there the greatness of the Writing, Cinematography, Cosutme design, Music, Sound , Visual Effects etc that was put together to bring this film to the world. I purchased many magazines with photos of the film and it's stars on the cover of the magazines eg : Cinematogrpher, Premier, Total Film, Ifilm. The film has a great publicity hear in Australia and we can't wait to see the great work of "Oliver Stone", The stars of the film and everyone who worked in this film we are very grateful. I read IMDb readers reviews,all I can say Only the single minded people look at a film in one angle, when there is much to see and recognize.

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A great achievement Giovanni and Adam deserve an oscar nom, 22 April 2004

A beautiful new storyline light film like "Serendipity",but in it's Producing,Directing,Acting,Music,Color it's similar to "The Pianist",the color of this film is so crisp.

This film is wonderful, heart warming, for all ages, a new story that transfer the audience into the second moment with mystery,you keep asking yourself while you are watching, will they fall in love? or will they not?.

The scenery of the Australian country viewes are magnificent,gorgous outback,farms,houses,also this film introduced the first espresso machine in Australia many years ago.

Geovanni Ribisi, he looks good and handsome,he played the more reserved brother,Giovanni put on his best performance to date,his acting is haunting I never ever seen him like this before,he manipulated every inch of movement in his face, and introduced it on the camera,he killed me I just wanted to grab him and say were on earth were you hiding this talent all those years. as we all know he acted in many films. see his work in IMDB.

Adam Garcia, he puts every gorgous hollywood star for dead, with his looks in this film, Yes I know he is a hollywood star himself, as he acted in many hollywood films,specially with the superstar Drew Barrymore, Adam Garcia shiny blue black hair,navy blue eyes, magnificent figure all show very well under the sun and among the beautiful trees. (Girls he's a hunk in this film you must see this film to believe me), about his performance as the playful brother in "Love's Brother" he is superb, calculated and enchanting acting.

I really believe every Director should see those two performances for future casting of the two stars Giovanni Ribisi and Adam Garcia.

Both stars Giovanni Ribisi and Adam Garcia deserve an Oscar nomination for this film.

I also loved the two girls Amelia & De santis

This movie and the performances are a medicine for the heart.

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Powerfull, 23 November 2003

Fast, Powerfull, Bold, Incredible, Calculating, Funny, Entertaining, Enjoyable, Adventures, Visually Fantastic. The actors melt and melow in this story, just like the cream melt on the cake when it's hot,The colors the director used in the film is visually stunning. specially when Will and Martin stands in the Sun with the sea behind them, it's superb so crisp like a picaso painting, to you audience who missed this part of the film, and consentrated on the shooting better go buy it on DVD and watch the film again, and don't miss Martin's performance too it's faultless,this is the film that will give martin lawrence an oscar nomination of the funniest man on the screen indeed.

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A Cinematic Achievment, 7 July 2003

I saw this film in the Cinema 5 times,The Director presented magnificent scenery,excellent story,and brought to us wonderful stars. Heath Ledger (Harry) was excellent,I cried so much in this film, The story teller Mohamed Bouich,also Djimon Hounsou (Abo Fatma) and the beloved Kate Hudson and all the other boys. I loved Wes Bentley (Jack)in this film,his acting was superb, he looks so much like Omar Sharif (Dr Zhivago) when Omar Sharif was very young,the only difference Omar Sharif has Hazel eyes, Wes Bentley has Blue eyes,but sometimes in the four feathers the camera was dimmed and Wes looked like he has hazel eyes, it was freaky how much he looked like Omar Sharif. I have good news for the director,Omar Sharif is back acting on the big screen dew to public demands see upcoming 2003 Movie "Hidalgo",so I think the director of the four feathers should join Omar and Wes in a future film,that may present two generations. I thank all who worked in the four feathers it's a great achievement.